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Stellar Roofing


Stellar Roofing Implements Local Services Ads and Books Out Appointments Months in Advance


Stellar Roofing wanted to drive leads in a highly competitive industry and stand out from the local competition while boosting their appointment bookings.


We created a Local Services Ad (LSA) to drive leads for Stellar Roofing. With LSAs, potential customers view the business, reviews of work they’ve done, and make an appointment over the phone with one click and conversation. The best part? Stellar Roofing only had to pay for calls that lasted over two minutes.
LSAs allow a business to directly receive calls and inquiries from potential customers while keeping track of the exact date and time for the appointment. Google records these calls which provide insight to the business in case an appointment is not booked or information on a customer is needed.
LSAs have been verified by Google and showcase a Google Guaranteed Badge, which helped Stellar Roofing stand out against their competitors. LSAs also provide a way for customers to leave honest feedback and reviews for other potential customers to reference. This provides real insight to a potential customer when they are researching and determining which company to proceed with.


booking rate






Over the past nine months Stellar Roofing has been exemplary in conveying how local industries can provide services and track accurate results, all while staying customer oriented.
Our LSA ads ran for nine consecutive months and resulted in 459 leads and 232 booked appointments for roofing projects, holding an overall booking rate of 51%.

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