boosting grad school applicants to the max

St. Bonaventure University


Performance Max ads lead to 1,746 conversions, including people taking action to apply.


St. Bonaventure Admissions wanted to build on the success of our digital campaigns for their Occupational Therapy Graduate program. So, we got to work, experimenting with new ways to reach our audience online and increase the number of applications.


We added Performance Max to our campaign tactic list to help drive conversions, impressions, clicks, and CTR. This new tactic had the potential to reach even more applicants across all of Google’s channels like YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps.




conversions (apply now and schedule visit button clicks, start new application, application submission)




conversion rate


Within the first 2 months, we saw conversions increase by 144%. Not only did our Performance Max campaigns get low-funnel conversions such as “apply now” and “schedule visit button clicks,” but our ads accounted for 195 high-intent conversions of users beginning, continuing, completing an application, and checking the status of the application.
The overall CTR increased .10%, and clicks increased 38.76%. The Performance Max ads specifically had a high conversion rate at 5.10%. This means our ads successfully reached our audience of individuals interested in the Occupational Therapy Graduate Program.

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