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Next-level campaign optimization grows leads for RIT’s online degrees by 308%


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Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) was looking to increase leads for specific online degree programs. After a successful phase 1 baseline campaign, Digital Hyve went all in on optimizing the work. From ad style to messaging to the landing page UX, we refined each and every element based on phase 1 learnings, resulting in a phase 2 that well outperformed phase 1.

RIT wanted to generate quality leads for their online masters programs including Data Science, Business Analytics, Computing Security, Health Informatics, Health Systems Management, Environmental Health & Safety Mgmt., Construction Mgmt., and Project Mgmt. (Advanced Certificate). After completing phase 1, the team put the collected data into action, rebuilding a campaign optimized for even greater success.


We broke down the campaign into three clusters, including Data, Health, and Management, each focusing on programs relating to those topics. Additionally, we:

  • Conducted a landing page audit and started the campaign fresh with a brand new optimized landing page & user journey.


  • Created new ad copy for all tactics using relevant statistics like salaries and job growth. Focused on the benefits of the programs – online, flexible, built around your schedule.


  • Introduced Social A/B Tests to find the best combination for success. Through tested creative types: animated vs. carousel and tested audience demographics: younger vs. older.


  • Implemented new tactics: retargeting on Facebook, Instagram & Google.


  • Analyzed language and crafted copy points that our audience was most likely to convert on.



qualified leads from phase 1 to phase 2


decrease in cost per lead


session engagement rate compared to phase 1


Using our learnings from phase 1 to completely optimize the campaign from start to finish, we were able to pull in an increase of 308% compared to phase 1*. Through our optimizations, we also successfully decreased the cost per lead by 60%. Thanks to extensive landing page testing and refining, our new and improved site also delivered a 75% increase in session engagement.

*Note: There was a 61% increase in budget from phase 1 to phase 2.

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