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Next-level campaign optimization grows leads for RIT’s online degrees by 308%


RIT was looking to increase the number of qualified leads for their online Master’s programs, including Data Science, Business Analytics, Computing Security, Health Informatics, and more. After a successful phase one baseline campaign, Digital Hyve went all in on optimizing the work. From ad style to messaging to the landing page UX, we refined each and every element based on phase one learnings, resulting in a phase two that well outperformed the first campaign.

Phase one: 10/11/19 to 1/13/20
Phase two: 6/8/20 to 8/15/20


We broke down the campaign into three clusters: data, health, and management; each focusing on programs relating to those topics.

  • Conducted a landing page audit and started the campaign fresh with a brand new optimized landing page & user journey.
  • Created new ad copy for all tactics using relevant statistics like salaries and job growth. Focused on the benefits of the programs – online, flexible, built around your schedule.
  • Introduced paid social A/B test to determine the highest converting combination of ad types and audience demographics, i.e. animated vs. carousel, and younger vs. older.
  • Implemented new tactics: retargeting on Facebook, Instagram and Google.
  • Analyzed language and crafted copy points that our audience was most likely to convert on.



qualified leads from phase one to phase two


decrease in cost per lead


session engagement rate compared to phase one


Using our learnings from phase one to optimize the campaign from start to finish, we increased qualified leads by 308%, decreased the cost per lead by 60%, and delivered a 75% increase in session engagement*

*There was a 61% increase in budget from phase one to phase two.

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