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Responsive display ads lead to 4.58x conversions and 78.8% decrease in cost per conversion.


At Digital Hyve, we believe that you can always make a great campaign even better. So when a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership wanted to increase awareness and conversions of an already successful display campaign, we were up to the task. The campaign was generating a great amount of conversions including contact actions and vehicle description pageviews (VDP), so we needed to test new strategies to optimize even further.


In an effort to achieve more conversions at the same cost, we replaced general responsive display ads with smart responsive display ads. While general responsive display ads require manual targeting, smart display uses automatic targeting to catch the best quality leads mid-funnel. Because smart display focuses solely on conversions and not traffic, the platform was able to implement the best targeting for a lower cost per conversion.


increase in conversions


decrease in cost per conversion


From our digital marketing efforts we were able to see a 4.58x increase in conversions and decrease our cost per conversion by 78.8%. Our responsive display ads proved to be successful, blowing away the previous numbers with the same budget.

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