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Catholic Health


Optimized digital marketing campaign lowers cost per click by 17.3%.



Catholic Health is a non-profit healthcare system that provides care to Western New Yorkers. They came to Digital Hyve looking to spread the word about OBGYN advanced treatments and therapies they offer with compassionate, personalized care. So, we set out to raise awareness of Catholic Health’s OBGYN services and increase the amount of engaged users on their website.


To get our ads in front of more qualified leads, we executed a complete rebuild of their three existing OBGYN campaigns. We:


  • Optimized for goal completions by leading users on our landing page to engage in actions such as “find a location” and “browse providers” to get them to the next step in the funnel.


  • Researched historical search term data to make educated decisions on adding keywords that users are actively searching along with negating irrelevant keywords.


  • Reworked copy using strong call-to-actions and top converting copy points to entice the user to click.


  • Updated ad extensions to highlight the most relevant information and to give users easy access to information on providers. 


  • Analyzed demographic data to ensure each campaign was reaching the strongest audience and market.



increase in clicks (2/29 - 3/29 vs. 5/1 - 5/30)


increase in conversions (2/29 - 3/29 vs. 5/1 - 5/30)


decrease in cost per click


Our Google Ads rebuild performed phenomenally including a 29% increase in clicks when comparing February 29 – March 29 to May 1 – May 30. We also saw an 88% increase in conversions in that same 30-day period of May 1 – May 30. Collectively, the three OBGYN campaigns saw a total 17.3% decrease in cost per click, meaning after the re-build, we spent 17.3% less to send each qualified user to the site.

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