Proving online ads lead to in-store action

Metro Mattress


Offline purchase data tracked to social ads to prove 1200% ROAS.


Metro Mattress is the largest specialty mattress retailer in Upstate New York, serving the community for over 40 years. As a predominantly brick and mortar business, Metro Mattress needed us to drive foot traffic and in-store sales at its 50+ locations throughout the state. Our challenge was to translate digital advertising to in-store sales and measure and track our digital influence to prove the Return on Ad Spend.


We utilized Facebook & Instagram advertising to drive foot traffic to physical Metro Mattress locations, then leveraged offline, in-store purchase data to measure the Return on Ad Spend.

Facebook tracks the information of users who have either seen or clicked through a Digital Hyve ad. By uploading daily Metro Mattress customer purchase data, we can match Facebook’s user records and Metro Mattress’ purchase data to identify how many purchases were made in-store by users who encountered our ad campaigns. 



Number of Offline Purchases


Return on Ad Spend


By tracking Offline Conversions from August 2019 to October 2019, Digital Hyve was able to tie the consumers’ offline purchase journey back to our digital social ad campaigns. This data proved that investing marketing dollars into Facebook & Instagram yielded real-world, in-store transactions with an impressive 12:1 Return on Ad Spend for Metro Mattress.

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