Brand + Site Launch: From Zero to Hiline


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Developing a brand. Giving it a voice. And introducing it to the world with a website that breaks from the industry monotony.


Gardner & Capparelli (G&C), a boutique accounting firm, wanted to launch a brand that would disrupt the industry with a tech-enabled model geared toward startups and entrepreneurs. They had the business vision, but no brand. Our task was to build an identity, launch a website, and bring this all-new service to market.


A sprint team of market research, design and content, collaborated to unearth the key attributes of the company: modern, unconventional, bold, human. And the primary target audience: ambitious owners looking to take their businesses to the next level–and seeing opportunities to build where others don’t.

Market Research

Launching a new brand in a relatively new industry, we knew we couldn’t be too prepared. We designed and executed market research to guide our decisions, answering questions like: Who is searching for an accounting service? What search terms are they using? Who are the existing competitors in this space and how do they market themselves? From there, we compiled the answers into high quality, actionable data. The research provided us a roadmap for developing messaging that resonates with our audience, website content, and branding.


We spent a lot of time in the up front getting to know the competitors in detail, researching consumer needs and trends, and carving out a space for a new business and a new brand. We developed a new brand identity centered around the simple geometry of a responsive logo. The voice and tone was established with input from key stakeholders and and customer testimonials, creating a voice that was authentic and unique to Hiline.


We knew launching a digital service platform was going to rely on strong product design, beginning with our user experience. We knew that to stand out against competitors, we would need to build equity that would keep a user engaged with our brand beyond a single site visit. Using an agile approach to the design and development, we iterated against the most important features and functionality over a short timeline.  One of the primary features was the Hiline Value Calculator, which allows users to determine the pricing based on service, and also provides a follow-up email as a resource to compare against competitors. 

To drive our messaging on the website and ad campaigns, we conducted a market analysis of the tech-enabled accounting space, including secondary research on:

– why people choose accounting firms

– time of year prospects search

– what search terms are used

– 6 competitor marketing strategies (ads and landing pages)

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Brand Identity

A name steeped in symbolism (Hiline, a nod to NYC’s iconic Greenway Park), a modern logo and fresh design elements, and a conversational, yet bold brand voice


A bright, modern website that stands out in the space, infuses insights gleaned from our market research and puts our audience first with client-centric design

Interactive Calculator

The industry’s first value comparison + price shopping tool to help prospects see how Hiline stacks up to in-house staffing as well as other competitors

Launch Campaign

A highly-targeted pilot social media campaign to drive regional awareness and conversions with messaging guided by our market research (with plans to move to a national audience in subsequent campaigns)

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