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Dynamic auto inventory ads deliver a superior shopper’s journey and 16% more leads.


The automotive industry was projected to have a $4 million year-over-year decrease from 2018 to 2019. Given the knowledge that the average buying cycle for a new vehicle is roughly 90 days, we pinpointed a distinct need to educate our target consumers during specific phases of the online vehicle shopping journey.


We implemented dynamic auto inventory ads with the goal of providing only the most qualified potential consumers with precisely the information that would be relevant to them during the buying cycle. Ultimately, providing a more seamless online shopping experience supports the dealership’s overall goal of driving quality leads into the showroom floor, yielding a higher probability of purchase.

The dynamic auto inventory ads were executed through the Facebook marketing platform and included a unique identifier, within the URL structure, that linked to that vehicle’s exact Vehicle Detail Page (VDP). This allowed us to upload and showcase the dealership’s vehicle inventory with details such as make, model, and year. Additionally, we customized the inventory feeds by creating specialized targeting categories to serve the dealership’s potential customers with the best possible ad experience and drive the most qualified buyers into the dealerships.

Our campaigns directed the user/customer to the most updated dealership inventory, which eliminates the need to physically drive to the store while still in the early stages of the purchasing cycle. This improves the customer satisfaction rate, while inventory accuracy alleviates the buying frustration of the customer. Ultimately, this leads to more qualified visitors in the showroom.

We created a Vehicle Details Page (VDP) “page view trigger,” through Google Tag Manager, and paired that with custom conversions through the Facebook platform. With this data, retargeting audiences and custom “Lookalike Audiences” were set up based on users who previously viewed new and used VDPs. These two audiences consisted of users who were more likely to become an automotive customer, proving strong campaign ROI.


increase in pages per session


increase in VDP goal completions


increase in leads


Through our dynamic auto inventory ads, we were able to direct the most qualified potential consumers with precisely the information that would be relevant to them during the buying cycle. The campaign resulted in a 76% increase in pages per session, a 245% increase in VDP goal completions, and a 16% increase in leads.

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