Driving Cost-Effective Ticket Sales

Rochester Museum & Science Center


Facebook and Instagram funnel strategy sees 91% decrease in cost per conversion for exhibit ticket sales.


RMSC was launching, The Changemakers, a temporary exhibit celebrating “Rochester women who changed the world.” We were tasked with raising awareness, increasing website traffic, and driving ticket sales and attendance..


Our team implemented a conversion funnel strategy on Facebook and Instagram:

Phase 1: Inform as many users as possible about The Changemakers exhibit

Phase 2: Target users with consideration-focused messaging

Phase 3: Convert as many users as possible for the most efficient amount of budget



of impressions came from phase 1


of conversions came from phase 3


decrease in cost per conversion from phase 1 - 3


Through optimizations, strategy shifts, and increased urgency, our cost per conversion dropped 91% in the last phase of the campaign compared to the first phase. This was a direct result of the funnel strategy, which successfully moved more interested and efficient users down the funnel to ultimately purchase tickets for the exhibit.

As shown in the graph, our conversions continued to increase over time, despite a smaller marketing budget over the course of the campaign.

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