bookings go through the roof

Ocean Casino Resort


Targeted mix of digital tactics reaches high-intent bookers, resulting in 1,409% ROI


Ocean Casino Resort is a hotel, gaming, and entertainment destination located in Atlantic City. OCR partnered with Digital Hyve to drive more bookings to their location, with the focus of highlighting their hotel, spa, gaming, entertainment, and dining amenities. Our goal was to attract and drive engaged users to Ocean Casino Resort’s website to book a hotel stay.


Digital Hyve used a mix digital tactics to attract users at all touch points. Instead of focusing on clicks, our team deployed a conversion-focused strategy with the sole goal of driving people to the site and encouraging them to “Book Now”. 

  • On Google Ads, we utilized a mix of category and conquest keywords to capture users searching for a casino/resort or one of Ocean Casino Resort’s major competitors.
  • On Facebook and Instagram, we created a lookalike audience off of users who had previously visited the site and converted, garnering a high-intent, engaged audience.


ROI for hotel bookings in August 2019


By implementing a mix of search, social, display and retargeting campaigns focusing on the conversion goal of “Book Now”, we were able to drive high ROI for our client. Making conversions our goal focus and capturing users with high-intent, our campaign collectively resulted in a 1,409% ROI for hotel bookings in August 2019.

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