dramatic increase in ticket sales

Rochester Broadway Theatre League


Digital marketing campaign leads to 97% more transactions YoY.


Rochester Broadway Theatre League teamed up with Digital Hyve to continue its mission of providing opportunities for everyone to experience, understand, and enjoy theatre arts. DH developed a digital marketing strategy with the intent of increasing brand awareness and ticket sales.

Our goal was to capture the attention of users and drive them to the RBTL and Ticketmaster landing pages to increase ticket sales for upcoming shows and performances.


We found a winning combination of tactics including Google Ads, Facebook ads, display banners, retargeting ads, and YouTube ads to raise awareness in the Rochester area of upcoming shows.

We implemented a targeting strategy that reached beyond interests in specific shows or artists and included more general inquiries to reach a wider demographic of customers. Retargeting users allowed us to keep RBTL shows top-of-mind for those who had shown previous interest. The combination of retargeting with other tactics created the perfect recipe for ticket sales.


new users over lifetime of account


increase in sessions YoY


increase in transactions YoY


Our combination of tactics and targeting that was specific to the content of each show resulted in increased awareness for RBTL, in turn leading to an increase in landing page sessions, and our main goal of increased transactions year-over-year.

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