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Revenge Invisible Roach Bait


Seamlessly driving users from digital ads to brick-and-mortar sales using affiliate location extensions.


Revenge wanted to increase physical sales at affiliate stores using an integrated digital campaign. Because Revenge doesn’t sell through its own physical location, we couldn’t drive traffic using regular location extensions.


We wanted to make the path to purchase as frictionless as possible. So, we leveraged affiliate location extensions on our Youtube and search campaigns to drive users to buy Revenge products at nearby Walmarts, Home Depots, and more. This allowed us to use more targeted CTA’s like “Get directions,” giving users a more seamless buying experience.


store visits


digital conversions


Through our marketing efforts, we raised users’ awareness of Revenge products near them. In total, we generated 23,000+ store visits and 24,000+ digital conversions, which included clicks to Revenge on Amazon, click-to-buy links, and visits to the Revenge website.

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