reaching acute care decision-makers



Highly targeted ads and boosted posts lead to 9,300+ clicks to website


For over 40 years, Brault has provided acute care revenue cycle and practice management solutions for emergency medicine physicians nationwide. The Brault executive team includes subject matter experts in coding and billing solutions, compliance and risk management, documentation training, and overall practice improvement.

From the start of the campaign, the goal was to reach medical directors, emergency physicians, hospitalists and other high-up decision-makers within the emergency medicine industry to increase prospect leads and drive inquiries for practice solutions.


Our approach to the campaign was to utilize Google Search, LinkedIn, and Twitter ads to reach our target audience in the most efficient way. We implemented prospect email lists on both LinkedIn and Twitter to ensure we were reaching the most bottom-of-the-funnel users. In addition, we used job titles & industry targeting on LinkedIn to reach other relevant audiences who may need practice solutions. On both LinkedIn and Twitter, we utilized boosted posts to increase engagement and expand the reach of our organic posts.

For our Google Ads campaign, we bid on general keywords related to Brault’s services, as well as competitor keywords in order to reach users already in-market for these services. Our call-to-action across all tactics was to visit Brault’s website to schedule a free practice review.



New users to the site YoY


Goal completions


Clicks to website


Boosted post engagements


The lifetime of our campaign resulted in tremendous year-over-year growth in all key performance indicators, including increases in goal completions like “Free Analysis” form fill-outs and other specific button clicks on the website. Our targeting decisions proved to yield the increase in leads that we were looking for, and our audiences very clearly resonated with our creative and messaging. The goal of our campaign was ultimately achieved.


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