Joffrey? Stannis? Jon Snow? Daenerys? None of the above are the true kings or queen… So, who is?

Content. Content is the rightful heir and holds the Iron Throne.

It’s a cliché that proves to be true over and over again. But why? Content done well is what attracts customers rather than interrupts them, providing them an engaging experience rather than pushing your brand too hard. The whole point is that good content, which is ultimately marketing, feels like, well, not marketing.

Make content about your content. How does it start? It starts from a conversation about a piece of content you consumed yourself. I mean, this article is written based on a video based on an article with the basis of it coming from a conversation about the really bad Game Of Thrones ending.

It’s not just as easy as “Great, this picture is cool. Putting it out there and can’t wait for the likes!” There’s a psychology behind every platform and every person and what they’re looking for, whether they know it or not. If there’s a 40-year-old woman browsing, let’s say Facebook and Pinterest, she has different intent on both platforms. When she’s on Pinterest she has the intent to shop, as opposed to when she’s on Facebook, where she is trying to keep up with the world around her. Use that knowledge to your advantage and respect the two different platforms, the psychology behind them, and the audience.

Buzzfeed falls victim to a lot of hate and jokes due to their silly, almost “clickbaity” article titles like “19 reasons you and toast are the same person.” Not kidding, that’s a thing. Let’s look at it from the consumer side. That same woman browsing Facebook wants to see something that catches her eye and might relate to her. Something quirky with strong creative supporting it, may be more likely to get clicks than something boring or mundane that you still see out there all the time. Get in the mind of your audience and test different copy and titles to really discover what works best.

As time goes on, marketers are being forced to find new ways to connect with their audience and make them happy, rather than angry. Yes, we love those banners that follow you around online! Come on, you know you want the shoes. But seriously, this is where content marketing comes in, an asset used to entertain and inform. Good content provides insight, while influencing their decision making without throwing “sales” in their face.

Content is King. It will hold the Iron Throne and be ruler of the 7…6 Kingdoms until the end of time. But as we learned, every King has a Hand, and that Hand is paid media. They lift each other up and help each other serve to the best of their ability. Never forget to engage, inform, and entertain your audience with natural content, while pairing it with a well-placed and targeted paid ad.