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CNBC’s article on Amazon’s big push into digital marketing.

Ever heard of Amazon? They’re a rather well known ecommerce site, and have thrown their hat in the ring with Google and Facebook to expand their digital marketing game. They’ll utilize their immensely popular platform to sell display ads and ‘sponsored’ listings, according to the article. The move from Amazon represents how closely related digital advertising and ecommerce can be, and we’re very interested in how this will affect the digital landscape
Forbes outlines how real estate professionals utilize digital marketing for lead generation.

As digital marketing expands to every industry in the modern age, real estate has found a home on digital ad platforms. Capturing the attention of inbound through paid search ads or targeting social users in the market for a new home are immensely effective strategies, and highlight the inherent benefits of digital marketing. We’ve worked with many local real estate agencies to increase digital traffic and grow lead generation efforts!
A Think with Google article about the evolution of ‘intent’ in the marketing funnel.
We’re always up for a good article from Think with Google (which is just about all of them), and who knows the search marketing funnel as well as Google? Here they outline several real-life scenarios and where a digital user will visit on their way to a purchase decision. It’s more important than ever to identify the quality of users interacting with your brand online, and to measure how well your strategies are turning impressions into conversions.
In a recent study on, it was revealed that most Shopify stores don’t have Google Analytics set up correctly.
As digital experts, this always makes us cringe. But fear not, this is one of the most important reasons why we partner with companies. Tracking your website with Google Analytics is a fundamental component of any digital strategy, but if set up incorrectly, it could cause you to lose crucial data. In any given project, we ensure that Google Analytics tracking is properly implemented and measuring important metrics across all pages on your site.


Looking for more knowledge? Check out this guest post by our co-founder, Jake Tanner, on the common mistakes companies often make with their digital marketing campaigns. Planning a digital marketing strategy? Feel free to contact us! Our digital marketing experts will work with you to create a personalized digital marketing strategy, helping you reach your target audience.