Digital advertising budgets focus almost entirely on Black Friday through Cyber Monday (from Marketing Land)

  • With Black Friday and Cyber Monday (barely) in the rearview mirror, we love to see how digital ads play a role in the shopping phenomenon. According to a study from Nanigans, a majority of marketers plan to spend the highest share of their advertising dollars for the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, with very few planning on focusing on those last minute holiday shoppers in December. The article also mentions that Amazon will see a higher share in these budgets over previous years, as retailers want to get their product in front of as many eyes as possible on the platform. A key strength of digital marketing is hitting consumers when they’re actively searching for products online and driving them to make a purchase a decision, so it’s no wonder these “shopping holidays” are becoming more digital-focused every year.


Cyber Monday 2018 is expected to set e-commerce shopping records (from TechCrunch).

  • Digital marketing and e-commerce are two halves of an online store’s business puzzle, and Cyber Monday is the biggest day of the year for e-commerce. This year, an estimated $7.8 billion was expected to be spent online as part of the shopping. Perhaps even more amazing, nearly $2 billion of that is expected to be from a mobile device – all the more reason why your website needs to be optimized for mobile users!


The importance of digital marketing and how a business can jump in for the first time (from Forbes).

  • Like most marketing, digital can be a little intimidating when you approach it for the first time. Choosing the right platforms, the best creative, and allocating the optimal budget are all questions that may deter decision-makers from allocating resources for this. That’s why we live to talk about digital marketing and its ever-growing importance in the digital age, and why we love helping businesses with their digital strategies.


Google shows us how they took on the task of marketing the Pixel 3 (from Think with Google).

  • Chances are, your line of products or services are not on the same scale as a phone produced by Google – but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two about how Google markets their products! In this piece, they dive into the experience of marketing the Google Pixel 3 and competing against the iPhone. Identifying the major points of interests in smartphones and highlighting the strengths of the Pixel in the market helped drive their strategy through the launch of the phone.


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