Now that March has come and gone, we’re back to developing cutting edge marketing strategies and not watching basketball in the office. Here’s what we’re reading to stay updated on the latest trends in digital marketing!


  • Rounding up some of the most important updates and case studies in the world of digital marketing (from Econsultancy).
    • What’s better than a concise, informative roundup of links to keep you up to speed? Nothing, that’s probably why you’re even reading this! Econsultancy’s post details some major changes to LinkedIn marketing, including lookalike and interest targeting, and Pinterest’s international push. It also features a couple of marketing case studies from March, perfect for a dose of inspiration.
  • The new checkout feature coming to Instagram is actually genius (from Wired).
    • If you want to know where the future of ecommerce is headed, look no further. Instagram is rolling out (through beta testing) a brand new feature that’ll allow brands to sell products to users without making them leave the app. The more we think of this, the more it makes sense; combining social media marketing, influencer content, and mobile checkout is a remarkable feat that Instagram is well suited for in theory, at least.
  • A look at some of the slight differences between marketing to Millennials and Generation Z (from Forbes).
    • As Gen Z-ers continue to reach higher age and income levels, it’s important to look at their place in the consumer ecosystem. In some cases, this demographic is continuing trends from the Millennial generation, and in other cases they’re forging their own path in our digital world. And digital they are, as the first generation to have access to the internet and modern technology from birth. They represent one of the most important audiences to capture in the next decade in marketing.
  • Social video ads spending is on pace to reach unprecedented levels (from eMarketer).
    • According to a study from eMarketer, the estimated amount spent on video ads on social media is expected to grow to almost $15 billion within a few years. While not surprising, that’s definitely an eye-opening number, and proof that this ad format is really catching fire in the marketing world. We find that video ads generate strong engagement from users across all social networks, while providing a higher amount of information to a potential consumer than static ads do.

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