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DH in the News

Boosting bookings and memberships with Facebook lookalike audiences (from Facebook Success Stories). One of our recent social media marketing success stories earned us a featured spot on Facebook! THE Facebook. In this case study, Facebook highlights how we grew one of our client’s booking initiations by 2X in a single month. We are so proud to be among an elite group of agencies & businesses that are featured right on Facebook’s website, and we’re grateful for Facebook’s recognition of the Digital Hyve crew and will continue to bring forward thinking ideas to our clients that generate massive returns on their investments.


Digital Marketing News

The 2019 Topics & Trends Report released by Facebook looks at rising products, trends, and industries for this year (from Facebook IQ).

This is something we look forward to every year, because who better to compile the most talked about consumer trends, topics, and conversations than Facebook? According to the social media giant, 2019 will see heightened levels of conversation in areas like eco-friendly products, wellness and productivity hacks, and lower cost travel opportunities among many others.

More marketing trends to look for in 2019 (from Entrepreneur).

It’s that time of year when everyone is writing about what to look forward to in the new year, and this article from Entrepreneur hits on many of the social media marketing trends we’re looking at too. From the use of vertical videos in advertising to doing a deep social media audit, we always like to encourage companies to find ways to improve their strategy – and that’s what we’re here for.

A unique take on setting and achieving goals for the year (from Inc).

Alright, maybe this isn’t specific to digital marketing, but it’s highly relevant for business and individuals looking to make 2019 as productive as possible. The author makes the case that goals should be ongoing processes instead of a finish line, encouraging you to not only complete an objective but to then keep pushing instead of thinking you’re finished. We love this idea, after all our rallying cry is Better Every Day.

How the marketing team behind Major League Baseball increased its efficiency and marketing effectiveness (from Think with Google)

Even a massive, global enterprise like the MLB can always improve their marketing strategy. Streamlining their marketing platforms, developing a more customer-focused message, and improving collaboration between their teams gave the MLB a better foundation for increased engagement with their marketing. Lessons learned from the MLB in 2018, like working across teams and finding a core marketing strategy, are challenges facing business both large and small alike.


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