From Super Bowl ads making the digital switch, to brands that are winning the digital game, here are a few of the things we’re reading about this month!


  • Digital advertising spend is expected to surpass traditional advertising in 2019 (from eMarketer).
    • According to the most recent forecast from eMarketer, digital dollars allocated to advertising will make up 54% of all marketing budgets, signifying the first time this will be the case. Not only that, but Amazon is expected to continue to grow in the advertising game, even taking a share of the pie from Google and Facebook. While we can’t say we’re surprised that digital is finally overtaking traditional, we can say that it does pull a smile on our faces.


  • Econsultancy’s list of brands that are owning the digital arena (from Econsultancy).
    • We love to see compilations like these, because it’s fascinating to see the spectrum of possibilities when it comes to digital marketing. From Nike’s use of new age digital channels like Twitch to announce a new shoe line, or Domino’s letting customers order using Facebook Messenger, these types of innovative ideas are becoming commonplace in our digital world.  


  • Digital Hyve’s very own Jeff Knauss talks how Super Bowl ads are growing evermore digital (from CNY Central).
    • While we’ll never pass up a shameless plug, this piece features our CEO and Co-Founder Jeff talking all things Super Bowl ads! Well, mostly the digital side. Jeff goes in-depth on how the entire aura of Super Bowl advertising is shifting to be more digital. Instead of a single 30-second ad during the big game, companies are launching multi-channel campaigns targeting audiences not only on their TV screens, but their phone and computer screens as well.


  • A case study on how video content enhances branding to the customer (from Think with Google).
    • Airbnb, one of the world’s most recognizable travel brands, has the daunting task of connecting millions of travelers and hosts in tens of thousands of cities across the world, in almost every language. So how do they even begin to develop a digital branding strategy? One piece of this puzzle is through targeted video content, getting the most out of the consumer attention window with this format. Then, putting that content in front of the most relevant and engaging audiences encourages them to pursue booking through Airbnb.


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