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A New Approach Towards the Medic Update (from Bright Local)

  • Those working in SEO have been working tirelessly to crack the code to the new medic update. Many bloggers are writing about the “E-A-T” approach, which focuses on expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This article from Bright Local digs deeper into the E-A-T theory and debunks a few of the latest hypotheses while offering other suggestions.


New Opportunities to Engage with Instagram Users (from Search Engine Journal)

  • As Instagram continues to increase in popularity, they are rolling out lots of new features and tools. The article above outlines how the latest features can be used by marketers in 2019. For example, the newly released “countdown” feature is interactive and provides a great way to engage with users for upcoming events.


Cutting Edge Homepage Designs (from HubSpot)

  • Thinking about redesigning your website? Or starting a site from scratch? This article will provide you with inspiration and advice. Not only are the highlighted sights visually appealing, but they provide lots of important features to improve the user experience and increase conversions.


Digital Marketing Trends for 2019 (from Smart Insights)

  • This article from Smart Insights not only outlines eight trends critical for any digital marketers, but also provides important details and examples to help bring these trends to life. This is a great tool for those looking to be innovative and ahead of the curve. Whether you work at an agency or are in charge of digital marketing for a specific brand, we highly recommend using this as a resource!


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