Recent updates from Shopify are making it easier to launch product marketing campaigns on Facebook and Snapchat (from Marketing Dive).

  • In an effort to streamline and consolidate their ecommerce and marketing offerings, Shopify has finally enabled its users to create and launch Facebook and Snachat campaigns right in their own platform. At the very least, this move makes it easier for brands to market their products to relevant users all while removing the need to switch between multiple platforms. Not only that, but given this enhanced integration, shop owners will be able to have their ads update automatically if their price changes thanks to the dynamic ad format.


A recent study shows consumers prefer to receive communication from retailers through email (from eMarketer).

  • It turns out that most consumers don’t mind an inbox full of promoted emails from their favorite brands. In fact, they actually prefer it. At least, compared to other ways of receiving information from these brands. Almost two thirds of all users in a recent study claimed they prefer this method, an interesting revelation that helps prove the value in this direct-to-consumer marketing strategy..


A beginner’s guide for making the most out of ‘Google My Business’ (from Social Media Today).

  • Google is constantly refining its search engine capabilities and offerings for businesses, and one service that’s becoming ever more important for small and large business alike is a service called Google My Business. It essentially allows a business to control some of the information displayed in search results, an enormously important part of the digital consumer journey. This article gives an informative overview of this service from Google (and it’s in an infographic!) for those looking to jump into this type of search engine marketing.


Tech trends that are sure to affect digital marketing in the somewhat-near-future (from Econsultancy).

  • Digital marketing and emerging technology have a natural, correlative relationship, which makes it so exciting to see where they go in the near future. A few trends mentioned in the article include ‘conversational’ and ‘connected’ technology, which are both interesting ways of personalizing marketing efforts to an individual’s device. As individuals continue to utilize more devices, digital marketing will naturally adapt to reach users on these platforms.


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