As digital-savvy people, we make it a point to stay on top of what the internet has to say. Whether it’s the latest pop culture references, or the next big digital marketing trend, staying ahead of the curve is important to us. We love seeing what other digital marketing experts are talking about in the world of digital marketing. Here are a few articles we found interesting, and we think you will too!


1. The best social media campaigns from March 2018 from Econsultancy.

A good social media campaign happens when all the right pieces come together: effective targeting, intriguing creative, and a strategy that promotes it across multiple platforms. Maybe your brand won’t become as big as the ‘Black Panther’ film or Nike, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a kick*ss social media presence! Check out some of the stories that dominated the social media marketing world last month.


2. The Q4 2017 Global Commerce Review from Criteo shows that consumers are shopping on mobile devices more than ever.

Criteo estimates that more than 4 in 10 online sales are preceded by a click on another device; this means that consumers are likely to view products multiple times and on multiple devices, so optimizing your ecommerce site for all device types is crucial to maximize sales. The study also finds that the share of transactions on smartphones increased by 13% compared to Q4 2016, a trend that we don’t anticipate to slow down anytime soon.


3. Forbes’ Digital Marketing Survival Guide for small businesses

We love small businesses because we got our start as one! Ken Braun’s article in Forbes breaks down the essential tactics for small businesses when it comes to tackling digital marketing. We advocate many of these constantly to our clients: A responsive mobile site, search engine optimization, and utilizing video content, especially on Facebook and YouTube. Digital marketing can be a small business’s best friend and help startups reach their highest potential!


4. A 2017 study from Google and comScore reveals vehicle buyers are depending on digital sources for information.

Automotive dealers have likely known about this for years, but the extent to which consumers are turning to the Internet for vehicle information may be surprising to some. Google and comScore – two of the most formidable digital platforms out there – discovered that 95% of vehicle buyers turned to digital as a source for information, and 6 in 10 of all automotive searches were from a mobile device. There’s a bunch of great information for auto dealers in this article – take a look!


5. Search Engine Land lists 12 ways to help optimize for voice search.

Voice searching on Google and other search engines has grown exponentially over the past several years, with no doubt a major reason being the accessibility of voice commands for all smart phones and search engines. Search Engine Land lists a lot of great tips for driving this type of traffic to your site, including the addition of “conversational” content like a customer FAQ to match the common phrasing of voice commands and optimizing for “near me” searches.


Looking for more ways to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends? Check out some of our other link roundups, or feel free to contact us! In an industry that’s constantly changing, we stay ahead of the curve, using cutting edge technology and innovative thinking to help you create a meaningful brand experience for your customers.