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eMarketer’s recent study highlights the generational divide between Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.
It’s no secret that Snapchat has found its home with younger demographics, but Generation Z seems to really, really like it. According to the August study from eMarketer, Snapchat and Instagram are the two most commonly used social apps among Gen Z (sampled in the 12-17 age range). However, Facebook still remains king across all other demos 18 and older. Utilizing social media is crucial for any marketing strategy, but choosing the right platforms for each demographic can often be the key to a successful campaign.

Marketing Week showcases a unique and innovative social media campaign from Guinness.
Anyone that’s familiar with alcoholic beverages likely knows the famous Guinness brand, but even a recognizable name like Guinness needs to remain relevant on digital platforms. With their ‘Made of More’ campaign Guinness takes a very different approach, embracing the incredible story of the “Compton Cowboys” in an attempt to stand out from other ad content on Facebook and Instagram. One of the goals of this campaign was to reach a younger audience and present the Guinness brand to these users on social platforms with inherently interesting content. Better yet, they embraced the vertical format for Facebook by creating vertical videos, an important aspect in adapting to best practices in digital marketing.

Think with Google’s August case study on how to reach ‘atypical’ audience segments for your brand.
Everyone likes to think they know their target audience inside and out, but what about those that haven’t interacted with your brand? It may seem counterintuitive, using precious marketing dollars on an audience that could very well never have any interest in your products or services. Yet there’s often immense potential in these audiences, as CoverGirl discovers in this case study. Your target audience is likely much, much bigger than you originally thought. Reach out to them!

Social Media Today outlines 5 ways to help keep your brand relevant online.
These days, digital marketing is a necessity for both clients and marketers alike. Ensuring that your brand is on the computer and phone screens of your audience is becoming increasingly important to stay relevant as more and more companies operate in the digital arena. Promoting your brand through meaningful content, highlighting your employees and your culture, and utilizing analytics behind each of the platforms you use to broadcast your company are all pieces of the puzzle highlighted in this article.

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