At Digital Hyve we strive to be “Better Every Day.” This philosophy guides not only our work, but also how we strive to grow as individuals; this means always staying up to date on the world of digital marketing and learning something new every day. Here are a few of the things we’re reading here at the Hyve!


The ins and outs of a successful lead generation strategy.

Hubspot outlines some of the essentials when deploying a lead gen strategy, using tactics that can help increase your ROI if used effectively. Converting site visitors into leads can grow your promotional email list, drive more foot traffic to your store, and grow overall sales numbers if the marketing is done right. Implementing a lead gen campaign with the essentials can provide lasting benefits to your brand and develop a more loyal customer base. Need more proof? Check out the results we’ve gotten for our clients here!


Think With Google highlights how TV entertainment is moving online.

In addition to some quite fancy infographics, a recent article on Google’s marketing blog has some fascinating insights covering how video content is shifting from traditional TV to online platforms like YouTube. For example, Google claims that for every hour of ‘Game of Thrones’ watched on live TV last season, there were 30 minutes of ‘GoT’ content watched on YouTube, on average. This means the very nature of “TV entertainment” is changing, as people want to watch more and more often, turning to the internet to find that content. Utilizing video ads in a digital marketing campaign can help target these viewers as even more content shifts online.


Coming to terms with some hard truths in social media marketing.

A great article from Forbes resonates with those of us in digital marketing, highlighting some of the hard truths when it comes to marketing on social platforms. Patience and commitment to improvement are necessary for a successful campaign, even though everyone wants to see top tier results right off the bat. Success in social media marketing also requires a deep dive into what ROI means to every client, and what success looks like in each industry.


Looking for more ways to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends? Check out some of our other link roundups, or feel free to contact us! Our digital marketing experts can help you create a measurable and meaningful brand experience for your customers.