As always, there’s no shortage of digital marketing news, but we’ll help you stay up to date on the latest trends. Here’s what we’ve been reading this month!

Think With Google highlights the “know before you go” trends in Google searching.

We all do it, and it turns out we’re even doing it more often. Searches for information on our daily activities like going to a new restaurant, reading reviews on hotels, or business hours are occuring at a higher rate than ever before. This particular trend is a perfect example of why your digital presence should be optimized to present the information that digital users are searching for.


Social Media Today brainstorms how to redefine ROI in social media marketing.

Marketing on social media platforms can present unique challenges when measuring just how much return you’re getting for every dollar spent. SMT explains that generating awareness is a key component and reason behind utilizing social media marketing, which cannot always be measured with cold hard numbers. While we see consistent success in lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, many campaigns run on the basis of putting a brand in front of the most relevant consumers with intent of growing brand awareness with these audiences.


A new study from eMarketer shows that influencer campaigns remain influential.

A unique method of advertising on social media, influencers remain a high quality outlet to grow brand awareness through platforms like Instagram. According to the study, a majority of brand marketers are planning on continuing or even increasing their budget for influencer marketing in the future.


Hubspot predicts how the inevitable merging of digital marketing and the ‘Internet of Things’ will happen.

While we’re still in the early stages of the Internet of Things (IoT), we’ll see an increasingly closer relationship between this phenomenon and digital marketing in the not-so-distant future. The article documents 6 fascinating developments the author believes will affect both agencies and their clients alike.


Why the e-commerce industry is marketing to Gen Z more and more, from Forbes.

Millennials, who? Gen Z is no longer on the horizon – they’re here! As the new generation enters the workforce and represents perhaps the most digital-savvy audience out there, they’re online presence is being increasingly felt in e-commerce. The article cites a study that claims a quarter of the US population is represented in Gen Z, a number which will only grow in the coming years. Engaging your brand with this new generation will become essential in seeing digital marketing success.


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