Businesses, big and small, have been feeling the effects of Covid-19. Whether it’s a steep influx of sales in the grocery and healthcare industries, or a sudden shutdown for those that fall into “non-essential” categories, virtually all businesses are affected by this unprecedented pandemic. Luckily, we live in the digital age where everyone is connected now more than ever. Communicating with customers is so important, especially in times like these, so now is the time to take your business online and utilize digital marketing to stay connected, informative, and top of mind with your customers. Here’s how:


Get Ahead

Often, during hard times, advertising is the first thing to go to try and cut costs. Lucky for you, this can mean your competitors. With a “noise-free” advertising market, your message can be top of mind to your consumers for less money and more often. While your competitors may be cutting back on their marketing and advertising efforts, here’s why you shouldn’t be.


Save $

Popular advertising platforms like Google and Facebook work on a bidding platform.  This means the more competitors that are “bidding” on the same keywords as you, the more expensive they can be. Playing off of the point above, often during economic downturns, less of your competitors are likely advertising, meaning lower costs for you.



While it may seem like a good idea, a time of uncertainty is not the time to stop advertising, it’s the time to pivot your message. For example, if you are an alcohol company, maybe don’t run that ad promoting your product, but showcase how you are pivoting your business model to produce hand sanitizer.  This can keep your company top of mind, give your consumers value, and create that long-term positive relationship.


Go Organic

If digital ads are unchartered territory for you or you are looking to cut back on spending but want to stay connected with your consumers, consider going the organic route. Streamlining any business news and broadcasting across all social media platforms as well as making sure your website is up to date with the latest information is all a great, and free, option to stay connected with customers.


When it comes to navigating your business through this temporary norm, it can get easy to get swept up in the uncertainty of it. Whether it’s taking the steps to inform your customers on updates about your business or taking advantage of “noise-free” advertising platforms to create lasting brand awareness for less, the moral of the story is the same: communicate! Avoid going silent and utilize the digital world to communicate with your customers.