Tips for Staying Productive at Home


With the “new norm” calling for many businesses to remain working remotely for the foreseeable future, it can be difficult to remain motivated through all of the uncertainty.  When adding homeschooling kids, restless pets, and spouses that are also working from home, there are so many more distractors in our lives right now than we are normally accustomed to. To help, we’ve come up with a list of things you can do to continue to stay motivated and productive while working from home.


Sticking to a Routine

Creating a routine and sticking to it can help maintain healthy work habits. Do you like to run? Set aside time to go running every day before work. Do you like to drink coffee and watch the news? Make sure you set time aside for that. Creating a routine and sticking to it can lead to increased productivity and stability in your days.


Take Breaks

Working from home can often lead to blurred lines between your work-life balance.  It can become easy to work through lunch or check your email after hours.  It’s extremely important to shut the computer down and take full advantage of breaks and your time off just as you would in the office. This disconnection helps the mind become fully engaged once in work mode. To help ensure strict work-life balance, consider deleting your work email, messaging apps, or any other work-related connections you have from your phone so when you are away from your computer, you are fully disconnected.


Create a Dedicated Work Space

Working from home can produce different distractors than the office. Doubling your relaxing space as your workspace can lead to distractions and blurred work-life balance lines. Dedicating a space in your home to working (even if it’s just your kitchen table) can increase productivity and help keep a solid divider between working time and free time. This dedicated space can also act as a signal to your family that it’s work time and to limit distractions.


Ask for what you need

Asking your workplace for what you need to stay productive is so important to keep productivity at an all-time high.  If you work more efficiently with a second screen or utilize a certain piece of equipment at the office that you don’t have at home, ask your company if you can bring those supplies home. Chances are, they would want you to have the best possible work environment at home.


Stay Connected

Working from home can lead to less interaction between coworkers, less day-to-day water cooler banter, or before meeting chit chats, and it can become easy to feel disconnected.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to stay connected with co-workers! Popular business messaging apps can be used to shoot messages or get answers to questions more quickly and less formally than the typical email, making your days more productive.


Take Advantage

Working from home is a luxury many do not have! Take full advantage of all of the things you can do now that you are working from home. No commute time can leave you with hours of extra time to spend with your family, cook, clean, run, relax, do whatever you want to! Cook a crockpot meal because you will be home all day, do a couple of extra loads of laundry, enjoy the zero-commute time! Feeling productive outside of work can help move that motivation and productivity into work.


Move Around

Office life allows you to move around often. Going to get water, migrating to meetings, lunchtime coffee runs, etc. When at home it’s easy to just sit for hours tuned into your work. Get up and move around every once in a while. Movement and mental breaks can help you keep up productivity and health in the long run.


Get comfortable furniture

Seriously. Upgrade to comfortable furniture. You are working and living in the same space so why not invest in something that allows you to be at your comfiest every day.


Use a Planner

Planners might seem very grade school but it’s a great way to keep track of all things work, especially when you don’t have those little reminders you might get in the office. Keep work, meetings, content calendars, and more all nicely organized all in a planner!


Get a Good Pair of Headphones

If music helps you zone in on work, then investing in a good pair of headphones is the perfect investment for you. Noise cancellation headphones can help you drown out the distractors of every day and focus on your work.


During this time, we are all facing more than just your typical day working from home. Some are juggling working with homeschooling their kids, being caregivers, and so much more. Realize that if you aren’t as productive today as you are in the office, it’s okay. We are all navigating this uncharted territory together. Just take our motto, and these tips, and try your best to be better every day.