After working on the Account Services team for almost 4 years at Digital Hyve and seeing the evolution of our office space, people, processes and culture, one thing has always remained the same: our commitment to do right by our clients.


If I was asked to describe my job in one word or phrase, the first thing that comes to mind is “relationships”. While others might think “digital marketing”, “project management” or even “answering emails”, I truly feel that the relationships that we carry with our clients and crew are the core of what drives a Digital Hyve Account Manager.


As a member of the Account Services team, the relationships we’re responsible for are what motivate and influence us to be better every day, whether it’s internally with our team or externally with our clients. It’s our responsibility as Account Managers to represent the voice of Digital Hyve externally to the client and the voice of the client internally to our team.


From my very first touchpoint with a client, I make sure to humanize their experience. At Digital Hyve we don’t want to be known as a client’s “vendor”, we want to make sure we’re their strategic partner. We do this by not only getting to know a client’s business but getting to know the client themselves. We feel strongly about ensuring that the client knows the team that’s dedicated to working on their campaigns. For example, the Digital Marketing Producer or Digital Marketing Analyst that works on the account is so much more than the person who executes your Facebook or Google Search campaigns, they graduated from the same college you graduated from or might have a similar hobby to you. I try to make that connection from the very first interaction at an on-boarding meeting or first reporting meeting.


By making those connections, I’m able to accomplish one of my main goals when working with a client – building a sense of trust. When a client can trust me and my team, that allows us to make fast decisions to help better optimize their campaign, enables an open dialogue for new ideas, or even push back on campaign ideas. When a client trusts the team that works on their campaign it allows for a relationship to be built and sometimes even develops into a friendship.


It’s simple; when our clients win, we win. We ensure that our clients will win by offering them not only a digital marketing agency but a supportive partnership with a group of individuals who truly care about their business.


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