At Digital Hyve, our Account Managers & Digital Marketing Producers are paired into a team and work very closely together. Each has their own unique character, and this month, we’ve decided to highlight one of our most energetic & entertaining duos that works tirelessly for their clients.

Aidan, Digital Marketing Producer, works from the Syracuse office while Meredith, Account Manager, works from Rochester. They keep both offices laughing all day long while creating great results for their clients all over upstate New York. Learn more about them below!


What does your day look like at DH?

“Each morning, we come in and work through our normal routines. Checking emails, budgets, projects that need to be done that day, and more. Once we plug away at our work, we check in with each other and typically delve into similar projects, keeping as in line as possible.”


How do you overcome the challenges that come from working in different locations?

“Slack. We are constant communication and even though it can be tricky working in separate offices, we have many tools to overcome it. Whether it’s a quick message or a phone call, we are always in touch.”


What kind of marketing excites you?

“Marketing that’s relatable & in the moment. Having a hand in creating brand awareness is especially interesting. Never before did I have experience working with such a variety of clients. For example, one of our clients is a carpal tunnel doctor. I never worked with anyone related to health care and wouldn’t have known that carpal tunnel effected so many people. Or that a doctor might perform up to 25 surgeries a day! Learning from these clients and helping them spread their brand awareness is eye opening.” – Meredith


“Guerilla Marketing. Messages that catch attention and quickly spread on a massive scale.” – Aidan


If you had to explain your team in three words, what would they be?

 “Food, Wine, and Music”


Speaking of food, what are some of your favorite places to eat around the office?

“In Syracuse, Otro Cinco & Pastabilities. I would swan dive in a cauldron of their hot tomato oil if I could. As for Rochester, Branca has amazing wood fired pizzas. And the food trucks in the summer have some of the best food you could imagine.”


Meredith curates a mouthwatering finsta (@rocyourbelly) highlighting some of the best food across CNY. Aidan, if you were to make one, what would it feature?

“I would revolve mine around travel. I have been blessed to travel to many places and have plans to go to Nashville, New Orleans, and London this coming year.”


Do you have a bucket list of places you’d like to travel to?

 “Yes! Two places I really want to travel to are Amsterdam and Iceland.” – Aidan


“I would love to go to Ireland & New Zealand. The scene from the Irish pub in P.S. I Love You and the hobbit homes in Lord of the Rings films both sparked my desire to travel to those countries.” – Meredith


Cats or dogs?

“Cats” – Meredith

“Dogs” – Aidan


It’s a summer day, you have no work and no responsibilities, where do we find you?

“Outside, drinking a beer.” – Aidan


On the rooftop of my building, on Park Ave, or a personal favorite, the Genesee Brewhouse.” – Meredith


What drives you?

Relationships. Whether it be professional or personal, making someone feel good, getting them to laugh, and reminding ourselves not to take things too seriously is important to us.


What is the best part of being a team?

The comradery. We have the same ups and downs and go through everything together.”


With a team like this one, you can be sure to get sharp, cutting edge advertisements that leave you with a smile. Learn more about the rest of our team here or contact us with any questions!