We’ve already been over why LinkedIn is a great social media site for B2B business owners and entrepreneurs, and we won’t patronize you today by telling you all the reasons you should be using it. You likely already are, and you get a gold star from us for that. We’re proud, honest!


However, like all social media sites, LinkedIn is continuously upgrading itself and looking for new ways to empower its users. Again, this is something you may already know — anyone who’s logged into LinkedIn on their desktop or laptop lately will notice that the website looks incredibly  different.


Something you may not know is that Microsoft bought the social site in 2016, which explains the sudden changes. Part of Microsoft’s interest in the site was its successful mobile app, and now the desktop site mirrors the mobile version a lot more than it used to.


With this overhaul came not only a new look, but also a few new features that are meant to increase the experience for LinkedIn users. Let’s explore what they are and how you can best use them to your advantage.


Improved Analytics


LinkedIn already had pretty great analytics at their disposal, but now they’re even more improved. The new analytics features enable users to see how other users have interacted with the content they’ve shared. This used to be limited to simple views and likes, but the analytics are now much more specific.


Say you share a piece of content on LinkedIn, like a recent blog you wrote. The new analytics features can show you information like employees from a certain company that have viewed the blog, what network degree the views are mostly coming from, and what area these majority viewers reside in.


This amps up your ability to connect with your LinkedIn network. If you want to increase engagement with those around you, cater to their tastes. Or, go with the flow and keep up the content you’re already posting and pay attention to who is watching.


Upgraded Searching


It used to be that you’d have to search individual sections on LinkedIn. You couldn’t just type in “dog grooming” within their search and go through multiple categories – you’d have to search through People, Jobs and etc. to get a full scope of the results.


LinkedIn has finally conformed to the new search standard and streamlined results. Now users can look through all categories available to them via just one keyword search. With this improved feature does come the removal of filters like “function” and “years of experience.” They aren’t gone forever, but they are only available to Sales Navigators using LinkedIn Premium.


If you were wary of searching before just because it was such a hassle, don’t be anymore. Searching is easier than ever and can now require much less time. Go forth and search to your heart’s content!


Blogging Interface


LinkedIn blogging used to be a little bizarre. The platform they used for posting blogs was extremely dated, and it wasn’t like the finished post format was the most attractive ever. Again, LinkedIn is catching up with the times now instead of remaining in the past.


The new look of the blog posting interface is much more sleek and streamlined now. You don’t have to navigate LinkedIn blogging through LinkedIn Pulse anymore. Just one click takes you to a new screen where you can immediately start writing your content.


This change bodes well for content creators who didn’t fully give themselves over to posting directly to LinkedIn. LinkedIn Pulse used to be somewhat complicated to navigate and understand, but the new blogging feature and its ease of access can mean more views and more profile credibility.


These are just three of LinkedIn’s new features – others include a new homepage feed feature and chat messaging. LinkedIn will likely continue to update their feature list due to the Microsoft buyout, and we look forward to what else they have in store for us.


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