Here’s the scenario: you’ve started a business and just got around to getting your social media pages up and running. You’ve got some content up, filled out all of your profile information…now what? Do you wait for the followers to flock to you, or do you actively go out and recruit them like you’re part of a door-to-door sales campaign?


One thing is for certain – it’s never a good idea to sit and wait for social media followers to come to you. While it’s unnecessary to berate them and ask them to follow you person-to-person, it’s still your job to draw them in both subtle and direct ways.


Activity on your Instagram account is vital in order to give your business a fully rounded social media presence. We’ve amassed some tips to make your Instagram account a lot more engaging to followers (and potential followers who will want to hit that button after you implement these pieces of advice.)




Keep your post count up


Nothing says your business is dead in the water like a dead social media account. It’s not to say that you have to post every hour on the hour, but leaving your Instagram post inactive for a week at a time doesn’t bode well for your follower count or engagement statistics. In early 2015, Quintly found that the average Instagram account posted once a day, and you should follow suit.


In fact, their stats figured out an even better piece of advice: the Instagram accounts with the most followers posted two to three times a day, not just once. Also, think about this: the more you post (within reason), the more opportunities your audience has for engaging with you. Food for thought.


Stay faithful to UGC


We may have already talked your ear off about user generated content, but we’ll gladly take the opportunity again. User generated content doesn’t just build credibility, but it also helps your Instagram content seem more engaging. Opening yourself up to user generated content means you’re building a connection between your business and those who patronize it. The users who create this content are also likely to link the content you share to others and spread the word around. You’ll find yourself with more engagement opportunities than ever before.


Don’t be afraid to emote – or in this case…


…Emoji. Do you often feel like emoji don’t have a place in business settings? If so, you aren’t alone. However, social media bends some rules when it comes to appropriateness and business conduct. To seem human, your business accounts must act in ways that humans would. Emoji are very much a part of social culture, which means they should also be included on your business Instagram…at least, where it makes sense to include them.


Like all trends, emoji should be used sparingly and in the right context. Accounts that do use them have found they’ve grown by 300%.


Utilize the power of video


Instagram isn’t just for photos anymore, folks. Instagram’s video capabilities have been improving over the past year, and they’re constantly working on making their video capabilities more integrated. When Instagram first unveiled their initial video option, over five million Instagram video clips were shared on its first day. This number has only grown since their video services grew, and yet many Instagram users still don’t utilize video the way they should.


Whether you have the funds to create professional videos or just short informative clips to share, video is worth pursuing on Instagram – and in your marketing in general. Internet users love viewing visual content, and video content is visual content with even more oomph.


You should also consider using the new swipeable carousel feature that allows you to post up to 10 photos (or videos). Utilizing a new feature on a social media platform shows that your business is up to speed and isn’t afraid of trying new things.


Include more calls to action


Finally, the best way to truly engage someone on Instagram is to simply ask for them to. Calls to action can be about your Instagram (“Double tap to show support!”) or about your outside website (“See link in bio.”), but they get the job done anyway.


If you want people to comment, they won’t do it on their own nine times out of 10. Ask them to comment. Ask them to share. Ask them to engage with you – and they’ll do it in droves.


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