93% of American households own a vehicle, and they all have to answer the same questions

Do I buy or lease?

What make and model do I want?

What dealer should I buy from?

our approach

Conducting the right automotive research can extract answers and turn them into actionable data. We’ll determine the differentiators between you and your competitors and identify key personas that buy the makes under your rooftops.

how we’ll get there

Dealer brand awareness and customer satisfaction surveys are just a couple of the ways we dive into the mind of a local automotive customer. Qualitative interviewing can be another source of insights to compliment quantitative data.

what it means for you

Auto buyer personas, make and model perception, and dealer awareness positioning give you an advantage over the competition. A better understanding of your customers can help improve marketing and customer interaction strategies

parked white Ford Explorer SUV
white chevrolet crew cab pickup truck
blue coupe beside gray house