Tis the season for shopping – which also means it’s the season for spending lots and lots of money. While we as consumers might be dreading this time of year, credit union owners and employees should be rejoicing, and not just because of an influx of in-business foot traffic. No, credit unions can be an immense help to consumers during the holidays while simultaneously making a mint off of marketing.

In short, consumers and credit unions have a symbiotic relationship during this season. If you aren’t sure how, then you aren’t fully in tune with your inner marketing genius…but thankfully we are. It’s important that credit unions don’t miss out on the opportunity to get new members and to make more money before the New Year rolls around, so now is the time to consider getting in touch with these marketing ideas: some as explained by The Financial Brand and some of our own design.




The “12 Days” Cliché


If you don’t know all the items listed off in the iconic holiday song “The 12 Days of Christmas,” then you really haven’t gotten into the holiday spirit yet. Everyone knows at least two or three of the fabled items, like the partridge in the pear tree or the eight maids a-milking. Almost just as many people are also used to businesses getting in on this idea too, with email marketing campaigns rolling in during early December.


If you haven’t gotten an email from a business discussing their “12 days of coupons,” you’ve probably seen a television advertisement touting “12 days of savings.” While normally we suggest going out of your way to be different, sometimes a tried and true holiday gimmick is exactly what you need to get subscribers to your mailing list. Offer credit union members 12 days of financial tips with a voucher for a loan readjustment or a loan payment free pass on the final day of the event.




Everyone loves a good giveaway, and what better season for a business to be charitable than during the winter holidays? The first question you might be asking is this: I don’t work for a furniture store or outlet mall…what am I supposed to be giving away at a credit union? Don’t think so staunchly inside of your business box. This is an opportune time to forge some relationships within the community.


Giveaways don’t have to be strictly about services you provide as a credit union, though cash vouchers are never frowned upon. Instead, look at your business as part of a community and as a financial institution that helps a lot of local businesses (and the professionals that run them) make and manage money. Community businesses will be more than willing to partner with you in order to make a giveaway work – as long as they get some credit too, of course.


Also consider a giveaway in the form of footing the bill for a credit union member. Ask members for Christmas wishes, with a monetary limit, and grant a few of them as a nice holiday surprise.


Holiday Loan Advertising


Not everyone has the immediate cash to buy all of those gifts they want to give out this year. A consumer might have the lump sum by the end of the month, but that doesn’t help them buy gifts now when all of the great deals are going on and they’ve only got a fraction of the cash needed to finish up their Christmas shopping list. That’s where you come in as a credit union to save the day.


Bigger, more mainstream banks often have loaning rules that are overly complicated and require in depth financial and credit checks. Credit unions offer a more down-home feel to the average consumer – the interest rates might be a little bit higher, but it’s all worth it in the end.


Also, consider the season – offer holiday-based loan plans with a gift of your own added in. Give everyone a low interest rate if they apply for a loan during a set time period, or push their payments off for 60 to 90 days.


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