Why You Should Work With A Google Premier Partner

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Have you ever gone to a dentist that didn’t have credentials? If you wouldn’t trust a person without the knowledge and level of success it takes to earn a dental degree, why would you trust someone with your business who doesn’t have the prerequisites? While there are many certificates, badges, and “proof” of good digital marketing skills, one of the best is becoming a Google Marketing Premier Partner.


What is a Google Premier Partner?

Google partners with companies that have mastered one or more Google Marketing Platform products. They do a deep dive into every application and have various requirements that must be met before a company can display that heavily coveted badge.


Proven Experience

Google doesn’t allow just any company to become a marketing partner. In addition to work samples, they also require a percentage of employees to have passed their certification courses, documentation on a company planning process, proof of a positive impact on clients, testimonials, and more. Given all of these requirements, you can ensure that Google-certified companies have a proven track record vetted by Google themselves.


Google Rep

One of the many unique perks of being a Google Premier Partner is getting one on one access to a Google rep. This Google expert helps answer questions, implement new tactics, and give insights into the Google ads platforms and campaigns. Companies with direct access to Google can take the “guessing” out of campaigns and truly build the best campaigns possible for their clients.


Advanced Training And Certifications

Google offers advanced product training to all of its premier partners. These go above and beyond their certification courses and include one-on-one training sessions from a google rep. Additionally, these training sessions and close chats with representatives allow Premier Partners to be ahead of the learning curve with platform updates and algorithm changes.


If you are thinking about outsourcing your marketing to a digital marketing agency, consider using a Premier Partner. Digital Hyve is a proud Google Premier Marketing Partner, and we would love to chat about any questions, talk strategy, or more! Our access directly to Google, advanced training, and ahead-of-the-curve knowledge give us the best possible expertise to execute killer campaigns.


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