Why You Should Outsource Your Marketing

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Are you researching if you should outsource your digital marketing? There are many benefits to both keeping your marketing efforts internal and external. But ultimately, outsourcing your digital marketing by hiring an agency can save you money and that precious thing called time. 


Higher Return on Investment

By seeking out digital marketing services in Syracuse, NY, to outsource your marketing, you can gain years of experience. You are an expert at your business, but local marketing agencies are experts at marketing it. At Digital Hyve, we have managed over 20 million in ad spend over the last 6 years, so we have learned a thing or two when it comes to getting our client’s brands in front of the right audience. While an internal marketing team might be able to test and optimize your marketing strategy, marketing agencies already have years of experience working in a wide range of industries and have insights into what works and doesn’t work, helping your marketing dollars go further and getting you a higher return on your marketing investment. 


Additional Resources

Hiring a digital advertising team lends access to a wide variety of tools you would otherwise have to pay for. Purchasing these products yourself can quickly become costly and, not to mention, time-consuming to learn and implement these tools. 


Digital marketing is a world of constant change; from platform updates, new privacy settings, and more, it’s an evolution of adapting and shifting strategies to best meet your goals. A good digital marketing agency likely has additional business support contacts directly within platforms like Google and Facebook who they can work directly with to resolve issues and adapt to platform changes. 


Saves Money

While this might not always be true, in most cases, hiring out digital marketing services in Rochester, NY, to a local agency will likely save you money. While it might seem silly to think that hiring someone outside of your current employees might actually save you money, it’s true! By pawning off digital marketing efforts to your current employees, you will likely be depleting their time and energy to do their job. In addition, internally hiring a marketing position leaves you with additional expenses like benefits, insurance, and taxes. The tools we mentioned above can also become an added expense when keeping your marketing internal. 


If internally hiring a marketing expert, and business is slow, or there is an internal conflict, you will still have to pay the said employee. Suppose you outsource your digital marketing services in Buffalo, NY. In that case, so long as they have monthly contracts, you can stop your marketing efforts at any time and restart during your busy season. 


Saves Time 

Arguably the best part about outsourcing your digital marketing services in Albany, NY, is the time that it saves you. After all, time is money, and with marketing weighing over your head, it’s a lot harder to focus on growth, innovation, and the day-to-day work that needs to get done. At Digital Hyve, we handle the strategy, execution and deliver you comprehensive reports every month to show exactly where your ad spend is going and our campaigns’ direct results. 

The bottom line is, if you are looking to jump into digital marketing for your business, it might make the most sense to outsource it to a local digital marketing agency that has the tools, knowledge base, and capacity to dive headfirst into helping you grow your business. If you are ever interested in growing your business through digital marketing, reach out to Digital Hyve today, here!

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