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006-Top Marketing Tips For Videographers

Video is a great way to connect with your audience through storytelling. Creating video for your marketing efforts will take some prep work, the right equipment, and editing skills to gain success. With all of this time, work, and budget going into a video, you want to get it done right the first time around. Check out our videographer tips below.


Lighting is everything

Having the proper lighting can make or break a shoot. The message of your video might not be received if your talent is not properly lit. A tip to having great lighting is to make sure that you can see your talent’s eyes with the lighting you use.


Mindful matters

When creating videos for advertisements, your viewer’s focus should be on the product or service you are selling, not on the crazy shirt your talent is wearing. The magic comes from the details, so make sure your talent is wearing clothes that aren’t overly bright and colorful; this could be distracting to the viewer and downplay the message you’re trying to convey.


Remember depth 

While different visuals work for different scenarios, depth is important to the overall look and feel of the shot. Your talent will stand out from the background and make the video more visually appealing by adding depth. Think about your favorite interviews or documentaries. The talent is likely to be set in a background, not directly on a wall. 


Preparation is key

Getting the perfect shot is time-consuming in itself, let alone coming up with interview questions on the spot, deciding the location, and more on the day of the shoot. Preparing as best as you can when shooting can lead to a smooth process and the best end result. Here is a quick checklist we have ready for a shoot:


Preproduction checklist

  • Approved script or interview questions 
  • Shoot location approved and booked
  • Necessary equipment ready to go
  • Sound recording plan & equipment
  • Talent scheduled 
  • Determine camera settings & light necessities prior to shooting


Don’t forget the audio

While editing a poorly lit scene and an uninteresting angle can be done, poor audio can be detrimental to a video, and even worse, unfixable. While preparing for your shoot, take the time to make sure your audio is executed properly, so turn off your fans, air conditioning, and any other background noise; your end video will thank you.


Creating videos for your marketing efforts might not necessarily include hiring talent and booking a location. But from the smallest, simplest videos to the highest production ones, it all comes back to the magic is in the details, and if you get those right, your video will be a success. At Digital Hyve, we specialize in the creation of easy-to-digest, entertaining, and relevant video content. If you are interested in connecting with our digital marketing experts, let’s talk


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