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When it comes to growing your business through digital marketing, think smarter, not harder. Finding tools and resources that help you execute competitor research, easily create designer-grade graphics, and efficiently manage all of your marketing plan’s moving parts can help you achieve success. Digital Hyve utilizes many tools and resources to execute our client’s marketing strategies and help them reach their goals efficiently, saving time and money.  



We’ve said it repeatedly; you don’t have to be a designer to make great-looking creative. There are plenty of free and paid resources that can help you turn an average photo into viral content. While we utilize a paid resource for stock imagery, there are plenty of free resources that allow you to use their stock photos, no strings attached. Some of our favorites include Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay. Aside from stock imagery, upgrading your current content might mean just adding new elements or using templates. The “holy grail” of free and easy-to-use platforms is Canva. This platform has in-platform purchase options, but we have found that the free side of Canva has plenty to offer, including templatized social content and even slide decks and YouTube thumbnails.  



Using SEO in your marketing strategy is likely to take a lot of time and effort. It’s not as clear-cut as something like PPC, where you can see exactly what your competitors are doing, what ads they are running, and what keywords they are going after. It takes a little more research to connect the virtual dots. SEMRush is a great tool to start with as it costs nothing to try out. There are in-platform purchase opportunities, but the free version offers competitor analysis, keyword position tracking, and market research opportunities. Ahrefs is also a great SEO tool and gives you access to organic search traffic and backlink profiles of any website. 



A very important part of adding content to your marketing strategy is planning. Whether it’s social media posts or a blog schedule, creating a content calendar to keep things organized and execute strategies is always recommended. One of our favorite content resources is Airtable. While there are paid options, you can also utilize the free version to try it out. Airtable allows you to collaborate with team members or clients right within your content calendar and makes planning and organizing a breeze. 



Because paid advertising is the “meat and potatoes” of digital marketing, it’s no surprise there are many valuable resources to help. For paid search, we love Google’s free keyword planner tool. This tool lets you look up keywords and see exactly how many searches it is getting each month, historical CPC, and more based on the location you choose. To speed up the process of building out Google Ads, we utilize Keywords Toaster. This free-to-use resource lets you upload your keywords and select the kind of keyword you want it changed to, broad modified, phrase match, etc. Then it spits out the keyword modifications instead of you manually having to type them out. One of the greatest tools we utilize for PPC is Google Analytics. Using GA with your PPC campaigns lets you review your ad performance and gain insight into how you can optimize your campaigns.


There are endless tools and resources out there that can help you grow your business through digital marketing. Looking internally to see what areas of your marketing you need extra help with and utilizing tools can make your job a lot easier. Digital Hyve has managed over 20 million in ad spend over the last 6 years, and we use dozens of tools to help make our client’s campaigns the best they can be. If you are looking for additional tools or resources to help your digital marketing, contact our experts today!

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