TikTok Marketing: Easy How To For Small Businesses


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What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media platform where users interact by creating and viewing quick form videos. Each user has their own personalized feed, known as a “For You Page” or “FYP,” curated for them based on their viewing preference, videos they’ve liked, and accounts they follow. Similar to other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, TikTok’s algorithm picks up on your video’s content and shares it with users who share an interest in the type of content you are producing. TikTok credits itself as a discovery platform where anyone can go viral because of the algorithm they utilize.


Is TikTok Right For My Small Business?

The first step to building TikTok ads is determining if it is the right platform for your business. While the app tends to skew younger when it comes to its users, Gen Z certainly isn’t the only generation using the app.

This is what the age breakdown looks like on TikTok:



Because TikTok is a discovery platform by nature and has high user engagement, we mainly recommend it as a tactic for brand awareness. This is not to discredit the 70% of TikTok users stating they have had their buying decisions influenced by the app. It might also be worth the extra step of researching your audience and executing more aggressive goals like conversions.


Will TikTok Work For My Budget?

TikTok has minimum budgets needed to run ads on their platform. At the campaign level, there is a minimum budget of $50.00 a day. Once at the ad group level, you can lower the budget to $20.00 a day. Leaving you in ultimate control of your spending, the app can also run campaigns as long or short amount of time as you wish.


Types of TikTok Ads

Once you determine if TikTok is the right platform for your small business, it’s time for ad creation. TikTok offers 5 main ad types broken down below:


Infeed ads

    • This type of ad appears on a user’s FYP in between other TikToks.
    • Users can like, comment, share, and interact with your video like any other TikTok content.
    • With this type of ad and any ad on TikTok, capturing the user’s attention within the first 3 seconds is important.
    • With Infeed ads, it’s great to work with influencers because of their extensive experience with the app’s functions.


Brand takeover ads

    • Short, full-screen videos that “take over” the screen when opening the app.
    • Presented to your target audience to create mass awareness.
    • Lots of views without lots of competition.
    • These ads are more expensive but great for brands with bigger budgets.


Top view ads

    • Similar to brand takeover ads.
    • These ads are full-screen infeed videos that capture attention and increase brand exposure.
    • Top view ads are the first infeed post a user sees after they spend 3 seconds on the app.


Brand hashtag challenge

    • Hashtag challenges empower brands to create interactive challenge campaigns.
    • TikTok will promote the hashtags used.
    • Brands are invited to get creative and promote lots of user-generated content.
    • Hashtags send users to a branded landing page with other TikToks from the brand and a link to the brand’s intended site.


Branded effects

    • Branded stickers, AR filters, and more.
    • Brands design custom filters and empower users to exchange with the brand in a fun way.




TikTok Targeting Options

Targeting on TikTok is similar to Facebook and Instagram. You can target by demographics: locations, age, language, etc. Audience is another great targeting option where you can target based on the user’s viewing preferences on TikTok: types of videos they watch, types of users they follow, and more. You can also target based on the type of device and carrier a user has.



Final Takeaways

While your industry, audience, budget, and resources are all factors that determine whether TikTok ads will work for you or not, you also have to consider your brand. TikTok is a space for authentically connecting with your users through unpolished, genuine content. If you are looking for high user engagement and brand awareness for your business, advertising on TikTok might be right for you. Looking for a digital marketing partner to execute your TikTok marketing strategy? Talk to our Digital Marketing experts today.

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