Targeting for Auto: How to Connect With Your Ideal Customers 


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Behind every successful marketing campaign is the right audience being targeted. As an auto dealership it’s straightforward to understand who your audience should be; someone interested in buying or leasing a new or used car. The real question is how do find and then reach these people at the right time? At Digital Hyve we have nailed down the right combination of ad targeting, demographics, and email targeting to ensure our auto ads hit the right people at the right time and ultimately connect customers with high purchase intent with dealerships.  


Targeting 101


Because of Facebook’s special ad categories, it might seem challenging to target your ideal audience. We, too, have run into this issue, but we have found that one of the best ways to target qualified users at a higher funnel stage is by utilizing Facebook’s lookalike audience feature with vehicle pages on dealership websites. Targeting this audience is directly hitting users who have already started the research stage and visited your site. By creating multiple lookalike audiences based on the page a user went to and creating campaigns with these different targeting options, you can send the right message to the right audience. For example, you can send people who looked at your lease page an ad about your brand new 2022 leases. Or you can send an ad of your updated used inventory to users who have recently been looking on your used car web page. 




Your dealership’s location, vehicles, price range, and more can all impact the demographics of your target market. While you may know the demographics of your repeat customers completely, we recommend testing different targeting options within your layered targeting strategy to find the best combination—you just might be surprised. 


Email Audience  


If your auto business has a good email database, you already have the golden ticket to targeting. Say, for instance, you have an email list of people who signed a three-year lease three years ago, and they are turning in their lease this year. You can target this list to show new leasing opportunities to this audience. The same goes for those who recently came in for a test drive but didn’t make the final purchase; you can target those users with new or used car ads. These invaluable email lists can help to create lookalike audiences, targeting more qualified users than basic demographic targeting options on Facebook. If you don’t have these email lists readily available, it’s time to start thinking about creating and documenting these lists for future marketing efforts.  


Targeting the right audience can be as simple as using things you already have, a website, an up-to-date email list, even knowledge of your typical customer. At Digital Hyve, we specialize in connecting dealerships with customers that are ready to buy. Want to learn more? Let’s talk! 

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