Social Media Audits: What To Look For & How To Improve Your Social Strategy

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Social media is the gateway to your business. With more than 3.6 billion people using social media worldwide, it’s no wonder businesses are looking for robust strategies to form meaningful connections with their customers. The first step in building your social media is conducting an audit of your current profiles. Each platform requires different actions to be successful; let’s break down what to look for below. 



Facebook is unique because it can hold a lot of information about your business, substantially more than its sister platform, Instagram. Facebook is a great place to connect to your customers on a more personal level because you can share more of this information. 

What to look for:

  • Cover picture – your cover photo should portray your business but not be so busy that it distracts from the rest of your content. Using a video in your cover “photo” is also a great way to share your brand.
  • Profile Picture: Your profile picture should match across all of your social media profiles on all platforms so that it’s easy to see what profile is yours no matter where users see you. Consider using your company logo to be consistent.
  • About: Your “about” information should be up to date and filled out to the best of your ability. If your phone number has changed, but your page still has your old phone number, you could be losing business. 
  • Content: Facebook is a great place to show company updates, employee wins, industry knowledge, and run contests. 



Instagram is arguably one of the most important platforms for your brand to be a part of. With over 1 billion users active on Instagram, some of your audience will be on this platform in almost every case. Because of its visual nature, Instagram is a great place to showcase your brand’s culture, industry expertise, and overall aesthetic.

What to look for:

  • Content: Instagram is a place for visually appealing content. This means high-quality photos, on-brand graphics, and all things animations and videos. If you are new to creating content, consider free and user-friendly editing software with easy-to-use templates like Canva
  • Stories: When digging into auditing your Instagram account, it’s important to take stories into account. Are you posting? How often? While every industry and business will be different, it’s often beneficial to post at least 1 story a day. Stories are a great place to be authentic and have more in-the-moment content. 
  • Consistency: With Instagram, it’s important to be consistent in your posting and find a schedule that works for you. Utilizing business insights right within the Instagram platform can help you determine the best times and days to post based on your follower activity.



Twitter has been one of the most used social media platforms in existence since its inception in 2006. Its fast response, quick wit nature lays the foundation for brands to connect directly with their followers on a personal level. 

What to look for:

  • Connection – Twitter is a great platform to showcase your brand voice and connect on a personal level with your followers. This platform relies on quick communication and responses. Make sure you are responding to followers’ questions in a timely manner.
  • Real-time posting: Like mentioned above, Twitter thrives on quick reactions and response times. Look to see if you are jumping on the latest trends and memes because it might benefit you.
  • Creative: This platform is suitable for a mix of text-based and imagery posts. Gifs tend to be a popular medium on Twitter. You can make your own gifs using this platform. 
  • Tone: While your company’s tone will directly impact your tweets, this platform tends to be more playful and friendly than more professional-based platforms like LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid to use this to your advantage as long as it sticks within your business tone. 



LinkedIn is the boss of B2B social media. This platform allows business professionals to connect with each other and brands that can offer insights to their followers. This space is a great place to position yourself as industry experts and establish your authority in your industry. 

What to look for:

  • Thought Leader – LinkedIn is a great platform to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Posts can be informative and content-heavy. 
  • Activity: Consistently sharing relevant articles and information, responding to questions in your comment sections, and creating useful original content are all great ways to keep your audience engaged.
  • Transparency: LinkedIn is a great place to share important company updates and announcements to showcase transparency to the business community.


Whenever going to audit your social media, it’s important to understand that despite commonalities, each industry and brand will require different posting schedules, content, and audience they need to speak to and connect with to find the best results. The best way to improve your social strategy is by looking at your current analytics and act accordingly. For example, if your followers are most active between the hours of 12 – 5 pm during the workweek, it will be best to post during those times. If you see your video content is getting the most engagement from followers, consider working in more video content to your strategy. If you are looking for more tips on how to improve your social media marketing in buffalo, NY, reach out to our digital marketing experts today! 


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