Learn How You Should Be Using Instagram For Digital Marketing


Despite the fact that Instagram is a large part of the public consciousness, it actually isn’t that old. It was initially released in 2010. It didn’t break into the front lines of culture until a couple of years later, even though it had an initial membership of one million registered users in three months.

Instagram as a vehicle for marketing is an even newer concept, though if you’re surprised by the fact it’s used for business at all then you’re behind the times. One of the most common marketing concepts is to reach the largest audience possible, and
Instagram offers them 500 million active users every month.


But what makes an Instagram ad worth liking or commenting on? It makes sense Instagram users would engage with their peers, but a business? Why? The answer to that is simple, though it’s yet another question (though you know the answer to this one) – why would a consumer engage with ANY ad?


Instead of trying to perfect your own Instagram ad and failing over and over, let’s look at six of our favorite Instagram ads from this recent HubSpot blog list and go over what makes them work.




Samsung Mobile

You know Samsung – you might actually be looking at this blog on your Galaxy or Note phone. As a tech brand, they have a lot to prove when it comes to technology and the mobile sphere, and their ads consistently deliver.

A recent ad shows off the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. There are three phones against a white background, and each is showcasing the new model’s camera features – more advanced than ever. Each location being shot is different. This simultaneously shows off the product well while highlighting the purpose of purchase through direct demonstration. The takeaway? Make sure your Instagram photos are purposeful and look as good as possible. The product is king, remember?


New York Times

New York Times is famous for its crossword puzzle, and a recent Instagram ad shows that off. The advertisement prompts the viewer to answer a simple New York Times crossword question, thus getting the viewer’s mind engaged with the ad. From there the copy advertises the free New York Times cross word app that is downloadable for free.


This is an ad that’s set up for engagement – and the consumer does so without even knowing it.



Are you interested in meditation or mindfulness? Both? Headspace offers you 10 minute exercises based on these concepts with the goals of alleviating anxiety, increasing productivity and other self-help features. One ad posted on the business’ Instagram page reflects this idea but showing a cartoonish drawing, featuring warm colors and a phone showing off its anxiety relieving feature.


This ad in particular is doing a lot right – first it features visuals that are easy to look at and relaxing, mirroring the intention of the app in question. Second, it shows off one of the biggest buzzwords associated with the app, “anxiety,” and immediately addresses the apps purpose.


Method Home

This company produces eco-friendly cleaning products and fun ads that follow the same theme. A recent video post of theirs features a trail of in-use dishes and advertises their sweepstakes encouraging viewers to tag a friend. The winners will receive prizes for their engagement.


First, any ad that directly promotes engagement is a winner – but the real reason this ad wins is because it’s a video. It’s engaging and eye-catching via the medium and the colors and objects it’s showcasing.



Monster is actually known for their funny ads, and this Instagram post in particular is a real knee-slapper. The video they posted shows a castaway typing in their resume, complete with a simple sentence about being lost at sea with barely any objects. The copy is then deleted and replaced with something much more job-friendly.


Humor is an important ingredient in any ad campaign. It doesn’t have to include the funniest joke ever written, but making a consumer smile never hurt a business.


Instagram for Business

Finally, Instagram for Business is the ultimate example. They know how to advertise businesses on Instagram because, well, that’s their job.


Go through their ads and see what they’re doing right. Instead of just one ad, this is an ad account that’s winning at marketing on Instagram. Great photography, interesting visuals, inspirational messages, impeccable use of hashtags – if you want to emulate an Instagram, this is the one to choose.


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