Lead Automation – Save Time and Money For Your Small Business


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Did you know that 78% of consumers respond to the company that responds to them first? Implementing lead automation can help actually lower that response time and increase your closed deals for your small business.


Determine Channels

In today’s digital age there are endless channels to connect with your customer, what avenues are you going to focus on for capturing your leads? Understanding where your audience spends most of their time and the process of elimination can help you decide. Webinars, social campaigns, organic video and blog content, strategic partnerships, and affiliate or partner marketing are all great options to start.


Qualify Leads

What makes a lead a good lead to your small business? What demographics, budget, and firmographics are going to determine a follow up vs. a pass? The more definite your parameters around qualifying leads, the faster you can follow up with them and close the sales loop. We recommend removing any qualifier that could be subjective, your scoring process should be in place that can be easily automated. It’s also helpful to communicate your lead qualifications through your organization so all employees are on the same page of what a lead looks like to your business.



Knowing who is an ideal lead is only the first step, you must automate the initial touchpoint to mitigate cooldown risk. When assigning a person or team to be the initial outreach, keep in mind your teams’ unique strengths and weaknesses. With limited time, a round robin approach can help spread out the responsibility amongst the team.



As humans, we are most likely to buy from trustworthily people we feel a connection to, that’s why automating not just the initial communication with a customer is important, but the nurturing along the way. Creating an automated email chain that fires based on specifics about your customer journey helps continue that conversation while saving your team time. When jumping on a call always have a good conversation starter ready to go that is focused on continuing to nurture that connection.


Key takeaways

  • Creating a clear plan and taking steps to automate your sales cycle can shorten your response time and empower your team to easily identify more profitable opportunities.
  • An important step in lead automation is ensuring your marketing and sales team are on the same page.
  • Above all, remember that implanting these parameters and plan is not only creating a shorter sales cycle, but you are valuing your teams time and capital.
  • Lead automation, while more work on the front end, will ultimately save you time and make you more money. It’s a win-win for your employees and your business.


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