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When advertisers heard about Apple’s App Tracking Transparency in their iOS 14 update back in January of this year, everyone was uncertain of the effects it would have on their advertising. While users and advertisers alike are working through the updates, there has been a recent release, the iOS 14.5 and we are here to give you a breakdown and help you navigate your campaigns through its changes.


How does the Apple iOS 14.5 update affect Facebook?

A change to the iOS operating system for iPhones and iPads, called the iOS 14.5 update, restricts apps like Facebook to monitor web behavior on users’ devices unless the user opts into tracking. Users will be prompted to directly opt-in or opt-out of Facebook’s tracking ability upon updating to this new software.


How Do I Combat This If Most Users Are Opting Out Of Facebook Tracking?

The good news is this new iOS 14.5 update with App Tracking Transparency that requires apps to ask permission to track users is not unique to one specific industry or market. This update is universal and will affect everyone using Facebook ads in their marketing strategy. There are various steps you can take to get ahead of this. If you haven’t already, make sure you are verifying your domain and prioritize your conversions. Keeping an eye on new updates from Facebook and tracking capabilities will leave you ahead of your competitors.


How Will This Update Affect Metrics?

If someone opts out of iOS tracking, Facebook will receive the highest-ranking event from a given visit. Marketers will no longer be able to track the user’s entire journey but will see the user’s end action.


Facebook also removed the 28-day attribution window, with the only option now being the 7-day window. This means that you can only account for users who converted up to 7 days after seeing your ad instead of 28 days. Depending on your industry, you might notice a significant difference in your metrics with this new change, and others might see little to no change at all.


What Conversion Tracking Is Available Through Facebook?

Advertisers are limited to 8 prioritized events, and then Facebook will only record the highest-priority event per transaction. For example, if a customer initiates checkout, adds to cart, and purchases, only the action you identified as the highest priority will be recorded for iOS14 users who have opted out of tracking. Anyone who has opted in will be fully tracked.


Is There A Difference Between Mobile Vs. Desktop Traffic?

The good news is that desktop users will be unaffected by this update. This means if 50-percent of your audience sees your ad on desktop and the 45% of your audience is using iOS devices, and the remaining 5% are using a device other than iOS, only 45% of your metrics will be affected by this update. If you know your traffic comes from primarily iOS devices, you will likely see a greater impact than someone who has a heavy desktop audience. Website custom audiences and app activity custom audiences will take a direct hit from this update so make sure you are monitoring these campaigns closely as more people update their devices.


The digital world is continuously changing, and we must adapt with it. Our best general advice is to implement alternative strategies that tap into first-party data or use data Facebook has available if you see your ads are being affected by this update. If you have any questions or want to learn more about this update, please contact us today.


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