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Why use Facebook for E-Commerce?

Social media advertising is a must for e-commerce. With extensive targeting options, you can hit customers where they are spending a lot of their online time, Facebook. Different ad styles can be molded perfectly to display your best products in a user-friendly experience.



Types of Ads Helpful for E-commerce


Carousel Ads – Use up to 10 images

Carousel ads allow up to 10 images in one ad, each with its unique link. This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your products, each with links directly to their respective product page. Placements available for carousel ads are Facebook, Instagram, audience network, and messenger. So, when are carousel ads the right ad type to choose? If you are looking to showcase a large number of products, show off different features of one product, or take your user through a sequential story, then a carousel ad would be the perfect fit for your brand. One of our favorite features of this ad type is the ability to test out different cards and optimize based on best performance.




Collection Ads – Instant experience

Collection ads offer an instant experience for the user. A primary photo or video followed by smaller, accompanying images that, when clicked on, bring the user to a seamless, post-click experience right within Facebook or Instagram.


There are several different collection ads to choose from: instant storefront, instant look book, instant customer acquisition, and instant storytelling. Each of these templates hold different purposes, which Facebook goes into more detail here. Overall collection ads are a great option if you have just that, a collection of products that fit well when shown together.


Dynamic Ads –

Dynamic ads are a fantastic Facebook ad type that works seamlessly with e-commerce. If you have an extensive catalog of products you want to showcase in your ads but want to ditch the burden of creating ads for every single product, dynamic is the way to go. Upload a large product catalog just once, and when a user expresses interest in a product, an ad will be auto generated and served to that user across their device.


Dynamic ads will appear to the user as any other single image, carousel, or video ad, but it is dynamically made just for them based on their interests or behaviors. This ad type eliminates the need to create and constantly monitor ads for each product you offer. Two audiences are available when you make dynamic ads, including broad audiences or people who have not yet purchased from your business or visited your website, and retargeting, which includes users who have visited your website but haven’t yet completed a purchase.




Best Practices


Bold Imagery

With any e-commerce marketing, there should be great imagery associated. Because customers cannot touch, smell, try on, or whatever else the case may be through their screen, the imagery is everything. Using bold pictures and videos to showcase your products can grab your user’s attention. Check out your competitors or even other brands and see what imagery they are using on their social channels, in their ads, etc., that sticks out to you, and try replicating similar colors, styles, and more.


Retarget, Retarget, Retarget

With the proper tracking in place, retargeting will be your best friend for e-commerce. By showing a user with an abandoned cart, you can keep your product top of mind. You can retarget specific product pages, website visitors in general, and more keep your brand top of mind to consumers who have already expressed interest in your brand.


Our Recommendation

Depending on your business’s specific industry and target audience, we would almost always recommend Facebook for e-commerce. If you have a large inventory of products, we suggest trying out dynamic ads and letting Facebook optimize the best ads for the right users. If you are looking to tell a story about your product, we would suggest using carousels to create a thumb-stopping experience for users.


Digital Hyve is a Facebook Marketing Partner with over 20 million in ad spend experience, if you are looking to get a free, personalized Facebook e-commerce strategy, reach out to our digital marketing experts today.


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