Elevate Your Look with a Brand Refresh  


Are you thinking of elevating your brand but still want to be recognizable to your audience and stay authentically you? It might be time for a brand refresh. Instead of a complete overhaul of your brand, a refresh allows you to stay relevant, connect with evolving audiences, and reflect your current identity accurately. Keep reading as we share our expert tips on how to successfully execute a brand refresh, from brand discovery to launch plan and everything in between.  


Brand Discovery 

The first step in refreshing your brand is understanding where it is in current state. Begin by evaluating your existing brand and identifying where you see it going in the future. It’s important to remember your business goals do not necessarily need to change during a brand refresh, so they can be a great reference point to keep coming back to throughout the process. Start to brainstorm the tone you want your brand to move into; whether friendlier or more authoritative, an established mature brand or young and innovative and whether you want to appeal to the masses or an elite few. 


Establish a Clear Mission 

Your brand’s mission serves as the foundation for all brand elements, including visual identity and messaging. Beyond profitability, identify why your brand exists and let this purpose drive your entire brand strategy. This mission will shape key components such as typography, messaging style, and overall brand personality. 


Align Messaging and Voice  

Align your messaging with your brand’s future direction. Develop a messaging guideline that encompasses a compelling tagline, an impactful elevator pitch, and key brand voice elements. Consider whether your brand voice should be conversational, empathetic, irreverent, bold, or possess other qualities that resonate with your target audience. 


Evolve Visual Identity 

While staying true to your brand’s core identity, explore opportunities to update your visual identity. This can include altering or switching primary and secondary colors, refreshing your logo, and modernizing design elements. Keep in mind that authenticity is crucial, avoiding drastic changes that may confuse your existing customer base. 


Keep Consistent 

Extend the refresh to all branded assets, ensuring consistency across your business. Update your website to reflect the new brand identity and infuse the refreshed messaging and visual elements into all branded materials. This includes social media profiles, business cards, email templates, and internal communications. 


Educate Employees 

To maintain a consistent brand image both internally and externally, educate your employees about the refresh. Provide clear guidelines and explanations of the updated brand elements, ensuring everyone understands and can communicate the refreshed look and messaging effectively. 


Phased Approach 

Implement a phased approach, starting with key assets such as the website. As you progress, update internal documents and materials. This approach minimizes disruption and allows for a smoother transition while maximizing the impact of the brand refresh. 


Launch with Impact 

A brand refresh is a big deal! Create a launch strategy to get your audience both excited and familiar with the updated look and feel of your brand. A sleek video or thoughtful animated post can effectively communicate the essence of the updated brand while generating excitement and engagement among your audience. 


A brand refresh doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul of your company’s identity, but rather can breathe new life into your brand while staying true to its core values. Evolving your brand identity and messaging, applying the refresh consistently across all assets, and communicating with both internal and external audiences will leave you with a successful brand refresh. If you have additional questions on how to refresh your brand’s look, contact our team of branding experts today. 

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