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Hy there! Are you looking for more information about Butler/Tills acquisition of Digital Hyve? At Digital Hyve, we value transparency and strive to hold it in everything we do. Below are some FAQs we hope can address any of your questions.

Why Did Butler/Till Acquire Digital Hyve?

In March of 2020, our Co-Founders, Jeff and Jake, announced their intention over the next few years to become an employee-owned company (ESOP). This decision was made to reward the DH crew for all the amazing work they have put into growing the company into what it is today. Becoming an ESOP will allow employees to participate in Digital Hyve’s future value creation in a significant way.

After reaching out to Kimberly Jones, CEO of Butler/Till, for advice on ESOPs, they saw an opportunity for Butler/Till to acquire Digital Hyve and create one large, employee-owned entity. Butler/Till has been an ESOP for over 10 years and holds values that align perfectly with Digital Hyve. This acquisition puts Digital Hyve on a fast track to the Co-Founders goal, to be employee-owned.

What Is An ESOP?

An ESOP is an employee stock ownership plan. It is an employee benefit plan that gives employees ownership interest in the company. BT has been a proud employee-owned company since 2011.

What Will Change?

Digital Hyve will now be 100% employee-owned, women-owned, a certified B-corp, and one of the largest independently held agencies in the country! We will have access to new ad networks, research tools, and resources that were unattainable in the past. Our shared knowledge, resources, and amazing teams will create so much value for our clients, crew, and communities.

What Will Stay The Same?

Digital Hyve’s brand name, crew, and how we operate will not change under this acquisition. Our entire team will continue to ensure that we deliver the best possible experience and highest return on investment for our clients.

We are so excited for this journey with Butler/Till. If you have additional questions not addressed in this FAQ, please contact us today!

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