We’re buzzing after we had the honor of hosting a panel event with CenterState CEO and Google. We dug deep into effective marketing strategies, building plans to take on unique marketing opportunities, and being agile in an ever-changing digital space.  Missed this opportunity? Not a problem, keep reading to catch up on the Q&A portion of the event.


Q: How do you alter your marketing strategy when advertising for recruitment?  


A: When creating a strategy for recruiting talent, it’s important to really think about the kind of person that you want to work for your company. What are their values, what is their work ethic like, what skills do they have. From there, think about the tools and environment that would mirror those traits you are looking for. Use language in your ads that speaks to the atmosphere you have created, and you will live up to the messaging long after the onboarding process.   


Q: What are the top advertisers that you see doing it different, doing it right? 


A: First, we see that the top advertisers are not skipping the critical step of setting their objectives. The goals you set when entering a digital strategy help steer the entire lifetime of the campaign and act as an anchor to measure your success against. Don’t skip this step!  


Never stop optimizing your campaign. Continuously check key metrics that report on your objectives and optimize accordingly. Always look to keep innovation top of mind and lean into it.  


Q: Can you explain GA4 and what it means to marketers? 


A: GA4 is the newest iteration of Google’s analytics offering that enables users to analyze website and app data to better understand the customer journey. This update improves user privacy controls through cookieless measurement, and behavioral and conversion modeling. New features include predictive capabilities and direct integrations to media platforms. GA4 is not an incremental updateto Universal Analytics, but rather an entirely new analytics offering from Google that allows us a more thorough understanding of how customers interact with our businesses.It’s important to take the steps now to adopt GA4 so your tracking won’t be interrupted come July 1, 2023, which is the official day of transition. 


Q: With increased data-privacy, how can we best target audiences?  


A: We do not see the trend of increased data privacy slowing down any time soon. So, it’s important to take this into consideration when building a strategy. Explore different tactics and see what targeting capabilities are available and understand that not every platform will be able to reach your audience best. Take these targeting options into consideration when building your tactic plan. 

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