Copywriting Secrets Every Marketer Should Know

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Copywriting is more than just coming up with clever captions or witty writing pieces; it’s about connecting with your audience in a way that they understand while also encouraging them to take action. Below are a few copywriting secrets that every marketer should know to boost their results. 


Ensure scannability 

The average person in today’s world has an attention span of 8 seconds. If you want to stop a reader from engaging with your content, drop a giant wall of text in front of them. If you want someone to process what you have to share, break up your paragraphs, use bullet points, keep headlines short, use emphasis to pull out key messaging, etc. The more easily scannable your content, the more likely you will have an engaged audience. 


Brevity is essential

Nobody wants to dig for information, especially these days when scannability is key. It’s easy to fall in love with something you’ve written. Don’t. Be ruthless. Strip everything down to the bare essentials (without losing a touch of personality, of course).


Human truths trump wittiness

While interesting copy is important to keep a reader’s attention, focus more on connecting with the reader rather than writing something clever or witty. If you can do both, great. But never forget which comes first. 


Treat industry jargon like cholesterol

Some is good. Too much is bad. You are the expert in your field, not your reader. Speaking in the language of your audience demonstrates familiarity. A good tip is to put yourself in your reader’s shoes and ask yourself if you would understand. It’s a delicate balance of showcasing your industry expertise while sharing information your audience will find easily digestible, and ultimately, valuable. 


Always keep a key value proposition top of mind

What’s the ONE thing you want readers to know or one action you want them to take? The answer to this should guide everything that you write. For example, if all you want your readers to take away from your copy is how knowledgeable your company is, you better deliver thought leadership. 


Always give readers an action to take

It doesn’t always have to be “buy now,” but you should always have a call to action. Whether it was to increase awareness, tease a new product, promote a newsletter or elicit new businessthere was a reason you created the content and action you ultimately want the reader to take. Don’t assume the reader knows what it is. 


Avoid writer’s block with a UFD

The easiest way to overcome writer’s block is to forget about making things sound just right and go for it with an Ugly First Draft. It removes the inhibition caused by perfectionism, allowing you to spit out the content, which you can then copyedit to be suitable for your audience’s consumption.


Be careful with exclamation points

Exclaims should be reserved for actual exclamatory statements like “Help!” and “Fire!” When used in other contexts like “Sign Up Today!” it comes off as desperate, inauthentic, and pushy. We aren’t saying never use them, just use them cautiously. 


Words are powerful. When writing copy, use these tips to successfully capture your audience’s attention, have them take the action you desire, and stay top of mind.At Digital Hyve, we have worked with clients across more than 12 industries and pride ourselves on perfecting the voice and tone for each of them. If you are interested in learning more about our copywriting services or are just looking for more tips, contact us here


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