Advertising In The Casino Industry: What Really Works 

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Digital marketing has become more and more popular to drive foot traffic to local stores, including casinos. There are many benefits of adopting a data-driven, measurable, and granular-targeting marketing solution. While O2O marketing (online to offline) is not a new concept, the casino industry is unique in that it has various business sectors within it. As a full-service digital marketing agency, Digital Hyve has worked with many clients in the casino industry to maintain their online presence in this competitive field. Today, we’re sharing some of our best practices for casino marketing. 


Targeting The Right Consumer For Your Casino

Many might consider gamers as the default target audience for casinos, but you might be surprised to learn that casino visitors reported spending more on non-gambling activities than on gambling. There are many business sectors within a casino, including gaming, resorts, restaurants, entertainment, event hosting, etc. As a result, it’s important to think of each consumer in your marketing efforts: those who go to casinos for gambling, for exciting entertainments, for a getaway vacation, and even for attending events and weddings. When creating a marketing campaign for each audience, make sure your marketing message speaks to their needs, and is tailored to the target group.


Help People Discover Your Casino

When people intend to visit a casino, what’s the first thing they do? Chances are, they will pull out their phone or laptop and do a Google search to find out which casino to visit. This makes Google My Business very important for brick and mortar businesses like casinos. 

Google My Business is “a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps.” If you have a complete, accurate, and updated Google My Business account, it’s very likely for your business to show up on the search engine result page when people are searching for casinos. In addition, “the number of visits to “in-state” casinos was significantly greater than visits to “out-of-state” casinos.” One of the factors Google uses to determine local ranking is the distance. Having a Google My Business account increases your chance of showing up on the search results when people search your business locally. 

Besides visibility, Google My Business is a great tool to build credibility. As Google explained, “customers are 70% more likely to visit businesses with a Google My Business listing” and “38% more likely to visit your store, and 29% more likely to buy something.” Lastly, utilizing the review section to encourage positive reviews and respond to negative reviews is also great for building trust among customers. 


What are some best practices for paid and organic content? 

The short answer is that it depends on your campaign goals. The content of a campaign to drive loyalty program sign ups would be different from that of a branding campaign. However, generally speaking, including incentives in your content receives the most positive feedback among casino visitors. Some of the most attractive incentives rated by casino visitors are free one-night stay in the casino hotel and free concert tickets. Free play is also a commonly used incentive in the industry. Another widely-adopted content strategy is publicizing winners on your website, social media, or even paid social campaign. Displaying winners’ happy faces with the dollar amount they have won at your casino entices others to visit. 


 Facebook Ads Best Practices

Using Facebook Ads is a good idea because it allows you to reach people outside of your current following. With a smart and precise strategy, Facebook ads could help expand your current targeting to the right audience interested in casinos. In our previous blog, we talked about taking advantage of the “lookalike” targeting feature to create a list of people who have similar interests and behaviors to those of your already existing customers. Whether it’s building a lookalike audience off of your email list, loyalty program, or website visitors, casinos can adopt this feature to make their campaigns more cost-effective, and rest assured that you will be spending your budget on the right people. 


Case Study:

In this case study featured on Facebook, del Lago Resort & Casino teamed up with Digital Hyve to drive up their Players Club sign up rate. By creating a lookalike audience of people who signed up through del Lago’s website, giveaway incentives, and a conversion strategy, we achieved a 56% increase in membership signups. 


The precision, measurability, and powerful targeting features in digital marketing make it a driving force for connecting with your audience online. Casino businesses could benefit from utilizing these strategies and tactics to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. Are you interested in elevating your casino marketing? Our crew at Digital Hyve is more than happy to help. Contact us

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