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Hy there! I hope you’re doing so well.

I have some of the most exciting news EVER to share.

Last year, on March 21, 2020, my co-founder Jake and I announced to the Digital Hyve crew that our intention over the next few years was to sell our shares of the business to our employees and become an employee-owned company. This decision was made to reward the DH crew for all the amazing work they have put into growing the company into what it is today. Becoming an ESOP will allow employees to participate in Digital Hyve’s future value creation in a significant way.

In doing my research, I reached out to my friend Kimberly Jones, CEO of Butler/Till, to get some advice. BT had become an employee-owned company 10 years ago, so I wanted to know about their experience as an ESOP. I have also looked up to them for many years as being industry leaders and building an incredible, people-first culture. After Kimberly shared how amazing it is to be an employee-owned company, I was chomping at the bit!

Then, it happened.

After a few conversations, Kimberly and I thought, well, what if we combined our companies to create one large, employee-owned entity? We could reward the DH/BT crew for all their hard work and enhance our ability to serve all of our clients by generating meaningful results!

I am thrilled to announce that Butler/Till has acquired Digital Hyve to form one of the largest independently held agencies in the country! We will be 100% employee-owned, women-owned, and a certified B-corp! Our shared knowledge, resources, and amazing teams will create so much value for our clients, crew, and communities.

Digital Hyve’s brand name, crew, and how we operate will not change under this acquisition. Our entire team will continue to ensure that we are delivering the best possible experience and highest return on investment for our clients.

This new structure will also give Digital Hyve access to new ad networks, research tools, and resources that were unattainable in the past.

We are so thankful and thrilled to be starting this journey with Butler/Till. Our employees will become employee-owners from Day 1.

Our community’s constant support of Digital Hyve has given us this opportunity to create a legacy Jake and I only dreamed of 7 years ago when we started this company. I cannot thank each and every one of our supporters enough for believing in us.

Buckle up, this ride just got rocket fuel, and we’re all going together!

Thank you ❤

– Jeff

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